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720+ Objects That Start With A

    Objects That Start With A

    An astonishing array of objects surrounds us in our daily lives, each with its purpose, design, and story. Beginning our alphabetical exploration, we turn our attention to the letter ‘A’—a letter abundant with artifacts and articles that have shaped human history, utility, and culture. From the rudimentary “axe” of ancient civilizations to the modern-day “antenna” capturing signals from afar, ‘A’ stands as a testament to human innovation and diversity of thought.

    Whether you’re an academic delving into etymological evolutions or simply an avid reader with an appetite for the arcane and the apparent, this article will acquaint you with objects that proudly parade under the banner of the letter “A”. Join us as we meander through time and function, spotlighting the myriad objects that commence with this auspicious alphabet.

    Objects That Start With The Letter A

    Every letter in the alphabet carries with it a world of words, each describing an object or concept that enriches our lives. The letter “A” is no exception, leading the alphabet with a slew of items that are as diverse as they are fascinating. From everyday essentials to ancient artifacts, let’s embark on an enlightening expedition examining objects that start with the letter “A.”

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    1. Apple

    A delicious fruit enjoyed globally, apples come in a variety of types such as Gala, Fuji, and Granny Smith. Rich in fiber and vitamins, they’re not only tasty but also beneficial for health.

    2. Abacus

    An ancient calculating tool, the abacus has been utilized by many cultures for mathematics. Comprising beads that slide on rods, it’s a testament to human ingenuity before the digital age.

    3. Anchor

    Used to hold ships in place, anchors are heavy, usually made of metal, and are designed to grip the sea floor.

    4. Apron

    A protective garment worn over the front of clothing, aprons are commonly used in cooking to protect against spills but are also worn by craftsmen like carpenters and blacksmiths.

    5. Accordion

    A musical instrument, the accordion produces sound through bellows-driven air and a series of valves which produce notes.

    6. Anvil

    A heavy iron block used in blacksmithing and metalworking. Anvils provide a surface upon which metal can be hammered and shaped.

    7. Artichoke

    A thistle-like vegetable, artichokes are enjoyed for their tender inner leaves and heart.

    8. Astrolabe

    A historical astronomical instrument used by astronomers, navigators, and astrologers. It was vital for determining the position of stars and planets.

    9. Awl

    A small pointed tool, typically used for piercing holes in leather or wood.

    10. Axe

    A tool with a heavy bladed head mounted perpendicular to a handle. Axes are used for chopping wood but have also been utilized as weapons.

    11. Album

    A collection of recordings, originally vinyl records, but now more commonly CDs or digital formats. Photo albums, on the other hand, are collections of photographs.

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    12. Amulet

    A charm, often inscribed with a magic incantation or symbol, believed to protect the wearer from evil or bring luck.

    13. Almanac

    A yearly calendar giving information on tides, phases of the moon, etc. Historical almanacs have provided agricultural, astronomical, or meteorological data and forecasts.

    14. Altar

    A sacred table or stand at which religious ceremonies or sacrifices are performed.

    15. Aspirin

    A common pain-relief medication used to treat minor aches and pains. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

    16. Amplifier

    An electronic device that increases the amplitude of a signal, especially used in sound reproduction.

    17. Attache Case

    A slim, box-style briefcase made of leather, used mainly for carrying documents.

    18. Antenna

    A metallic device for sending or receiving radio waves. Found in various technologies from TVs to cell phones.

    19. Avocado

    A fruit with a creamy texture that grows in warmer climates, especially known for its health benefits and use in guacamole.

    20. Armchair

    A comfortable, upholstered chair with side supports for a person’s arms.

    List of Objects Starting with A

    AA Or AAA BatteriesAardvarkAardwolf
    Abercrombie Brand ClothesAbilaAbility
    AbyssAbyssinianAbyssinian Guinea Pig
    Acadian FlycatcherAcai BerryAcai Bowl
    AccelerometerAccent TableAccess
    Ace BandageAcetaminophenAcetanilid
    AchieverAchondriteAchrioptera Manga
    AciculaAcidAckie Monitor
    AconcaguaAcornAcorn Squash
    AcousticAcoustic GuitarAcre
    Acrylic PaintActActivate
    ActiveActive WearActivewear
    Activia YogurtActorActress
    Acupuncture NeedleAcute AngleAd
    AdderAddressAddress Book
    AddressographAdelie PenguinAdept
    AdhesiveAdidasAdidas Brand Clothes
    Adidas Brand ShoesAdjunctAdjuvant
    AdobeAdobo SauceAdobo Seasoning
    AdpsAdroitAdvent Calendar
    AdventurousAdvertisementAdzuki Beans
    AeroplaneAeropostale Brand ClothesAerosol
    Aerosol CanAeryAesculapian Snake
    AfghanAfghan HoundAfghan Shawl
    African BullfrogAfrican Bush ElephantAfrican Civet
    African Clawed FrogAfrican DaisyAfrican Fish Eagle
    African Forest ElephantAfrican Golden CatAfrican Grey Parrot
    African JacanaAfrican Palm CivetAfrican Penguin
    African Tree ToadAfrican Wild DogAfricanized Bee (Killer Bee)
    Agama LizardAgateAgate Ring
    Agave SyrupAgeAged Cheese
    AgreeableAhAha (Sparkling Water Drink)
    Ahi TunaAhpcrcAid
    AinuAirAir Cleaner/Air Filter
    Air ConditionerAir FreshenerAir Fryer
    Air MattressAir PurifierAirbrush
    Airedale TerrierAiredoodleAirframe
    AirfryerAirgunAirheads (Candy)
    Ajax CleanerAkbashAkita
    Akita ShepherdAlabai (Central Asian Shepherd)Alarm
    Alarm ClockAlaskan HuskyAlaskan Klee Kai
    Alaskan MalamuteAlaskan PollockAlaskan Shepherd
    Albacore TunaAlbatrossAlbertonectes
    Albino (Amelanistic) Corn SnakeAlbumAlcohol
    Aldabra Giant TortoiseAlembicAlfalfa
    Alfalfa SproutsAlfaro’s Original Artesano BreadAlfredo Sauce
    AllAll Bran (Cereal)All-Purpose Cleaner
    All-Terrain SandalsAllergyAlley
    AlleywayAlligatorAlligator Gar
    Alligator Skin BootsAlligator TeethAllosaurus
    AlmondAlmond BarkAlmond Butter
    Almond Butter Biscuit (Nature Valley Breakfast Bar)Almond Butter Biscuit Sandwich (Nature Valley)Almond Cake
    Almond CookieAlmond Crescent CookiesAlmond Delight (Cereal)
    Almond Delight (Stella Doro Cookies)Almond ExtractAlmond Flavoring
    Almond FlourAlmond JoyAlmond M&M’s
    Almond MilkAlmond OilAlmonds
    Almonds (Chocolate Covered)AloeAloe Vera Gel
    Aloe Vera Gel/LotionAlpacaAlpha Bits (Cereal)
    AlphabetAlphabet BlockAlphabet Cookies (Trader Joes & Walmart)
    Alphabet SoupAlpine DachsbrackeAlpine Goat
    Alto SaxophoneAltoidAlum
    Aluminium FoilAluskyAlways
    AmAm RadioAm/Fm Radio
    Amano ShrimpAmargasaurusAmaryllis
    Amazon EchoAmazon ParrotAmazon River Dolphin (Pink Dolphin)
    Amazon Tree BoaAmazonian Royal FlycatcherAmber
    AmbitionAmbrosiaAmbrosia Beetle
    AmbulanceAmerican AlligatorAmerican Alsatian
    American BulldogAmerican BullyAmerican Cheese
    American Cocker SpanielAmerican CockroachAmerican Coonhound
    American Dog TickAmerican Eagle Brand ClothesAmerican Eel
    American Eskimo DogAmerican FoxhoundAmerican Hairless Terrier
    American Leopard HoundAmerican PaddlefishAmerican Pit Bull Terrier
    American PugabullAmerican Pygmy GoatAmerican Robin
    American Staffordshire TerrierAmerican ToadAmerican Water Spaniel
    American WirehairAmericanaAmethystine Python (Scrub Python)
    AmmoAmmonia Window CleanerAmmonite
    AmpAmphibianAmphicoelias Fragillimus
    Amur LeopardAmuseAmusing
    AnAnacondaAnalog Clock
    AnalyzerAnamorphismAnatolian Shepherd Dog
    Andes MintsAndironAndouille Sauce
    AndrewsarchusAndroid PhoneAnemone
    Angel Food CakeAngel Hair PastaAngelfish
    Angle GrinderAngled Sunbeam CaterpillarAnglerfish
    Angora FerretAngora GoatAngora Sweater
    AnhingaAnimalAnimal Crackers
    Animal Print BlouseAnimal Print DressAnimal Print Scarf
    Animal TeethAnimalsAnise
    Anjou PearsAnkleAnkle Boots
    Ankle BraceAnkle SocksAnkle Warmers
    AnkletAnklet SocksAnklets
    AnkusAnna’s HummingbirdAnnapurna
    Annie’s Brand (Fruit Snacks, Crackers, Mac N’ Cheese)AnodyneAnole Lizard
    AnomalocarisAnorakAnswering Machine
    AntAnt BaitAnt Pincers
    AntacidAntarctic Scale WormAnteater
    AntefixAntelopeAntelope Horns
    Anti-Pill Fleece SweaterAnti-Slip ShoesAnti-UV Shirt
    Anti-Wrinkle ClothingAntibacterialAntibacterial Soap/Spray
    AntiquarkAntiqueAntique Chai
    Antique ChairAntique ClockAntique Furniture
    Antique TableAntiquesAntiquity
    Ants On A Log (Raisins On A Celery Stick Held In Place By Peanut Butter)AnvilAnxious
    Apennine WolfApexAphid
    Appalachian DulcimerApparatusApparel
    AppealingAppenzeller DogAppetizer
    Appetizer TrayAppleApple (Carmeled)
    Apple & Eve (Kids Juice Brand)Apple ButterApple Cider
    Apple Cider VinegarApple Cinnamon Cereal Bar (Nutri Grain)Apple Cinnamon Cheerios (Cereal)
    Apple Cinnamon OatmealApple Cinnamon Rice CakesApple Corer
    Apple CrispApple CutterApple Dumpling
    Apple FritterApple Head ChihuahuaApple Jacks
    Apple JuiceApple MothApple Peeler
    Apple PieApple SauceApple Sausage
    Apple SlicerApple SlicesApple Strudel
    Apple TartApple TVApplebutter
    ApplesauceApplesauce CakeApplesauce Cookies
    ApronAptAqua Shoes
    Aqua SocksAquaplaneAquarium
    AquariusAquatintArabian Cobra
    Arabian WolfArafura File SnakeArambourgiania
    ArchaeopteryxArchaeotheriumArchelon Turtle
    ArchiveArchway CookiesArctic Char
    Arctic FoxArctic HareArctic Wolf
    ArdorAreArea Rug
    Argentavis MagnificensArgentinosaurusArgyle
    Argyle SocksArgyle SweaterArgyll
    Ariat BootsArizona Bark ScorpionArizona Black Rattlesnake
    Arizona Blonde TarantulaArizona Coral SnakeArk
    ArmArm RestArmadillo
    Armadillo LizardArmani Brand ClothesArmario
    ArmbandArmchairArmenian Gampr
    Armored CatfishArmpitArmrest
    ArmsesselArmy BootsArmy Fatigues
    Army KnifeArmywormAromatherapy Diffuser
    Aromatherapy OilAromaticAround
    Art SmockArteriogramArtery
    ArthropleuraArtichokeArtichoke Hearts
    ArticleArtisan BreadArtist
    ArtisticArtworkAruba Rattlesnake
    AscotAscot TieAshes
    AshtrayAsiago CheeseAsian Arowana
    Asian CarpAsian CockroachAsian Elephant
    Asian Giant HornetAsian GreensAsian Lady Beetle
    Asian Longhorn BeetleAsian MisoAsian Noodles
    Asian Palm CivetAsian PearAsian Pear Dressing
    Asian Stir FryAsian Vine SnakeAsian Water Monitor
    Asiatic Black BearAskAsked
    Asos Brand ClothesAspAsparagus
    AssagaiAssassin BugAssassin Snail
    Athletic ShoesAthletic ShortsAthletic Socks
    Atlantic SalmonAtlantic SturgeonAtlas
    Atlas BeetleAtlas MothAtm
    Atomic FireballsAtomizerAttache
    Attic LadderAttireAttract
    AttractiveAu Gratin PotatoesAu Jus Gravy
    AussiedorAussiepomAustin Crackers (Brand Name)
    AustraliaAustralian BulldogAustralian Cattle Dog
    Australian CockroachAustralian FirehawkAustralian Flathead Perch
    Australian GeckoAustralian Kelpie DogAustralian Labradoodle
    Australian MistAustralian RetrieverAustralian Shepherd
    Australian Shepherd MixAustralian TerrierAustralopithecus
    AutoharpAutomatic Coffee MakerAutomatic Pet Feeder
    Aviator JacketAvidAvocado
    Avocado OilAvocado Ranch Chopped SaladAvocado Ranch Dressing
    Avocado SlicerAvocado ToastAvocet
    AvonAw (Soda Brand)Awake (Cereal Brand)
    AwningAxAxanthic Ball Python
    AyAyam CemaniAye Aye


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    The letter “A” introduces us to a world of objects, each with its unique history, function, and significance. From the delicious allure of apples to the rich tones of an accordion, every item tells a story. As we continue to explore the alphabet and the world around us, it’s intriguing to think about how many of these “A” objects have influenced cultures, industries, and daily life. This journey through objects starting with “A” is just the beginning, a mere appetizer in the vast feast of knowledge that awaits.

    Objects That Start With

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