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570+ Objects That Start With V

    Objects That Start With V

    Vibrant and varied, the letter ‘V’ often goes unnoticed when we think of the vast vocabulary of the English language. But delve a little deeper, and you’ll find a treasure trove of objects that proudly start with this venerable letter. From everyday items that add comfort and convenience to our lives, like vases and vans, to the more obscure and intriguing, such as vortices, the world of ‘V’ objects is vast and varied.

    This article embarks on an exploratory voyage, shining a spotlight on these objects to celebrate their value and versatility. Whether you’re a verbose linguist, a vexed Scrabble player, or simply a curious soul, journey with us as we venture through a list of objects that begin with the letter ‘V’.

    Objects That Start With The Letter V

    Venturing into the vast vocabulary of the English language, one finds a vibrant vista of valuable objects that victoriously vie for our attention starting with the letter ‘V’. This veritable treasure trove of ‘V’ items, from the commonplace to the very unique, adds variety to our daily lives. This article vows to illuminate these varied entities, spotlighting their functions and histories.

    Objects That Start With The Letter V

    1. Vase

    These decorative vessels, often made of ceramic or glass, venerate the beauty of flora. With or without flowers, a vase invariably enhances the ambiance of a room.

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    2. Violin

    This stringed instrument, with its velvety and vivacious sounds, has been vital to orchestral compositions, serenading listeners for centuries.

    3. Vacuum

    From carpets to wooden floors, the vacuum is our valiant ally against dust and dirt, ensuring our homes remain spotlessly clean.

    4. Voltmeter

    A crucial tool for electricians and engineers, the voltmeter measures electric potential between two points in an electric circuit.

    5. Velcro

    Thanks to its versatile fastening capabilities, Velcro has found its way into shoes, bags, and countless other objects, making our lives just a bit easier.

    6. Van

    Whether used for transporting goods or as family vehicles, vans have been a valuable addition to the vehicular lineup, offering both space and comfort.

    7. Vellum

    Historically significant, vellum, made from calf skin, was vital for writing and preserving documents before the widespread use of paper.

    8. Video Camera

    Capturing visuals and creating memories, video cameras have documented varied moments, from personal milestones to monumental historical events.

    9. Vest

    As a versatile piece of attire, vests can be both functional, providing an extra layer of warmth, and fashionable, adding flair to an outfit.

    10. Visor

    Shielding our eyes from the sun’s vexing rays, visors are a simpler alternative to hats, popular among athletes and casual wearers alike.

    11. Vitamins

    Vital to our health, vitamins ensure the proper functioning of our bodies, defending against deficiencies and diseases.

    12. Vodka

    Originating from Eastern Europe, vodka has become one of the world’s most popular spirits, enjoyed neat or as a base in various cocktails.

    13. Vault

    Be it in banks or athletic arenas, the word ‘vault’ conjures images of security and skill – safeguarding valuables or showcasing gymnastic prowess.

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    14. VCR (Video Cassette Recorder)

    A nostalgic nod to the past, the VCR allowed us to record and play television shows and movies long before digital streaming took over.

    15. Vignette

    In photography and design, a vignette refers to a decorative design or picture that fades into the background at its edges, adding depth and focus to an image.

    16. Velodrome

    An arena for track cycling, velodromes have seen cyclists vie for victory at breathtaking speeds, especially during the Olympics.

    17. Vise

    An invaluable tool for artisans and DIY enthusiasts, a vise securely holds an object in place, allowing for precision work.

    18. Vicuña

    Native to the Andes, the Vicuña produces one of the finest and most valuable wools. These graceful animals have been revered and protected due to their economic and cultural significance.

    19. Vexilloid

    Before flags became widespread, ancient civilizations used vexilloids – objects that represented their leaders or armies, often comprising of metal and fabric elements.

    20. Vinyl

    Long before digital music dominated, vinyl records were the vehicle for tunes. Even today, they hold a vintage charm for audiophiles and collectors.

    List of Objects Starting with V

    List of Objects Starting with V
    V ChairV CouchV Cut Shirt
    V Line ShirtV NeckV Neck Blouse
    V Neck DressV Neck JumperV Neck Shirts
    V Neck SweatersV Neck T-ShirtV Neck Tee
    V Neck Tee ShirtV Shaped ChairV Shirt
    V TechV-NeckV-Neck Dress
    V-Neck ShirtV-Neck SweaterV-Neck T-Shirt
    V-Necked ShirtV-ShirtVacant
    VacateVacationVacation Home
    VaccineVaccine NeedleVaccum
    VacuousVacuumVacuum Bag
    Vacuum CleanerVacuum SealerVada Pav
    Vagus NerveVajillaValance (Short Curtain)
    Valencia OrangeValencia Pride MangoValentine
    ValentinoValerianValerian Root
    Valerian Root TeaValerian TeaValet
    ValiumValleriite (Gem)Valley
    Valley BulldogValley White Oak TreeVally Willow Tree
    Valor BeansValuableValuables
    Vampire BatVampire CapeVampire Cloak
    Vampire CostumeVampire CrabVampire Fangs
    Vampire SquidVampire TeethVan
    Vancouver Island MarmotVaneVanellus
    VanillaVanilla BeanVanilla Creme Brulee
    Vanilla ExtractVanilla Ice CreamVanilla Ice-Cream
    Vanilla PersimmonVanilla SouffleVanilla Sugar
    Vanilla WafersVanishVanity
    Vanity ChairVanity MirrorVanity Table
    VanquishVansVans Shirt
    Vans ShoesVapeVape Pen
    Vape VehicleVaperVapor
    Vapor RubVaporiserVaporizer
    VariedVariegatedVariegated Banana
    Variegated SquirrelVarietyVarious
    Varnished TableVarsityVarsity Jacket
    VaryVascular SystemVase
    Vase HolderVase ShardVase Stand
    VCRVCR PlayerVeal
    VectorVedaliaVeena (Lute)
    VeeryVega (Star)Vegan Cheese
    Vegetable GardenVegetable KnifeVegetable Marrow
    Vegetable OilVegetable OysterVegetable Peeler
    Vegetable SoupVegetable SteamerVegetarian
    Veggie ChipsVeggiesVehicle
    VeinsVelcroVelcro Pants
    Velcro ShoesVelociraptorVelociraptor Claws
    Velociraptor TeethVelourVelour Couch
    Velour JacketVelour JumpsuitVelour Shirt
    Velour Track SuitVelour TracksuitVeloute
    Veloute SauceVelveetaVelvet
    Velvet AppleVelvet AsityVelvet Bean
    Velvet BlazerVelvet CakeVelvet Chair
    Velvet CloakVelvet CoatVelvet Couch
    Velvet CurtainsVelvet DressVelvet Gown
    Velvet HatVelvet JacketVelvet Mesquite Tree
    Velvet PantsVelvet RobeVelvet Rug
    Velvet ScarfVelvet SetteeVelvet Shirt
    Velvet SkirtVelvet SofaVelvet Sumac Tree
    Velvet SweaterVelvet TacoVelvet Tamarind
    Velvet TopVelvet TrousersVen
    VenadoVendettaVending Machine
    VeneridaeVenetian BlindsVenison
    VenomVenomousVenomous Snake
    VentVentanaVenti Cosplay
    VenusVenus FlytrapVera Bradley
    Vera WangVeranda ChairVerandah
    VerbVerbena (Flowers)Verbena Tea
    VerboseVerdant TeaVerdicchio
    VerdinVerdite (Rock)Verge
    VermicelliVermicelli NoodlesVermilion Flycatcher
    VerminVermont Beauty PearVermont Cheddar Cheese
    VermouthVermouth SauceVernaccia Grape
    Veronese SauceVerreaux’s SifakaVersatile
    VertebrateVertical ChairVertigo
    VerveVervetVervet Monkey
    VeryVery Big ChairVery Big Knife
    Very Big SofaVery Large ChairVery Long Skirt
    Very Old ChairVery Sharp KnivesVery Sharp Objects
    Very Sharp PencilVery Short SkirtVesiculovirus
    VestVest TopVesta
    Vhs PlayerVhs TapeVia
    Vibrating MassagerVibratorsVibrio
    ViceVice GripVice Grips
    Victoria PlumVictoria PlumsVictoria Secret
    Victoria Secret BraVictoria Sponge CakeVictoria’s Secret
    Victorian ChairVictorian ChestVictorian Couch
    Victorian DresserVictorian LampVictorious
    VictoryVictrolaVictrola Veil
    VicuñaVicuña CoatVidalia Onions
    VideoVideo CameraVideo Card
    Video CassetteVideo ConsoleVideo Game
    Video Game ConsoleVideo Game ControllerVideo Games
    Video PlayerVideo RecorderVideo Tape
    Vienna SausageViennese CoffeeVietnamese Coffee
    Vietnamese NoodlesVietnamese PancakesVietnamese Pork Meatballs
    Vietnamese Salad RollsVietnamese Spring RollsView
    ViewfinderVigorousViking Hat
    Viking HelmetViking PotatoesViking Sword
    VimVim BarVinaigrette
    Vinca (Flowers)VindalooVindicated
    VineVine LeavesVine Snake
    VinegarVinegar ContainerVinegar Pie
    Vineyard VinesVinifera GrapeVintage
    Vintage ChairVintage ClothesVintage Couch
    Vintage DressVintage JacketVintage Shirt
    VintnerVinylVinyl Chair
    Vinyl CouchVinyl PlayerVinyl Records
    ViolaViola Vanity MirrorViolet
    Violet ChairViolet ClothesViolet Couch
    Violet DressViolet JacketViolet Knife
    Violet PantsViolet ScarfViolet Socks
    Violet SofaViolet SweaterViolets
    ViolinViolin StandViolin String
    ViolinsViperViper Boa
    Viper FangViper SharkViper Shark (Dogfish)
    Viper TeethViperaViperfish
    VireoVireonidaeVirgin Islands Dwarf Gecko
    Virgin MaryVirgin Mary Tomato SoupVirgina Spiderwort
    Virginia BluebellsVirginia OpossumVirginia Pine Tree
    Virgo (Constellation)VirionViroid
    Virtual RealityVirtual Reality GogglesVirtuoso
    VisaVisa CardVisayan Spotted Deer
    Visayan Warty PigViscachaVise
    VitaminsVitello TomatoVitellus
    Vitesse BarsVitrineVitriolic
    Vivo PhoneVixVixen
    VizslaVlaVlei Rat
    VocabularyVocalVocal Chord
    Vocal CordVocal CordsVociferous
    Voice BoxVoice ChangerVoice Recorder
    VolailleVolcanic RockVolcano
    Volcano CakeVolcano RabbitVolcano Snail
    VoleVolkswagon (Brand Of Car)Volleyball
    Volleyball ShoesVolleyball ShortsVolpino Italiano
    VoltVolt MeterVoltage Meter
    VoodooVori VoriVorticella
    VoteVoting MachineVoussoir
    Voyager SpacecraftVpVR Goggles
    VultureVulture Beak


    The voyage through the vivid and varied world of ‘V’ objects underlines the vastness and versatility of our everyday vocabulary. These items, whether they hold visual appeal, practical value, or a combination of both, validate the richness of the world around us. It’s a testament to how even a single letter, such as ‘V’, can open the door to a universe of knowledge, utility, and history.

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