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Prepositions That Start with A to Z

    Prepositions That Start with A to Z

    Language is a vast and intricate system that allows us to convey meaning, share ideas, and connect with one another. Within this system, prepositions play a crucial role in establishing relationships between words, phrases, and clauses. They provide vital clues about location, time, direction, and various other relationships in our sentences. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a linguistic journey through prepositions that start with each letter of the alphabet, exploring their meanings, usage, and impact on language. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of these structural elements, unlocking the fascinating world of prepositions.

    Prepositions That Start with The Letter A to Z

    aboutreasonably close to
    abovein the sky
    acrossfrom one side to the opposite side of
    afterfollowing in time or place
    againstin opposition or hostility to
    alongin a line matching the length or direction of
    amongin or through the midst of
    aroundin a circle or in circumference
    ata monetary subunit of the kip see kip at Money Tableairtightatmosphereatomic
    beforein advance
    behindin the place or situation that is being or has been departed from
    belowin or to a lower place
    beneathin or to a lower position
    besideby the side of
    betweenby the common action of
    byin proximity to
    downtoward or in a lower physical position
    duringthroughout the duration of
    exceptwith the exclusion or exception of
    foras being or constituting
    inintosense 1
    insidean interior or internal part or place
    instead ofin place of
    intoin the direction of
    liketo feel attraction toward or take pleasure in
    nearat, within, or to a short distance or time
    offfrom a place or position
    ontoto a position on
    outsidea place or region beyond an enclosure or boundary
    overacross a barrier or intervening (see intervenesense 4) space
    sincefrom a definite past time until now
    throughby way of
    towardin the direction of
    underin or into a position below or beneath something
    underneathdirectly beneath
    upin or into a higher position or level
    within opposition to
    withinin or into the interior

    Here is a comprehensive list of prepositions organized alphabetically:

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    • About
    • Above
    • Across
    • After
    • Against
    • Along
    • Amid
    • Among
    • Around
    • As
    • At


    • Before
    • Behind
    • Below
    • Beneath
    • Beside
    • Between
    • Beyond
    • But
    • By


    • Concerning
    • Considering
    • Despite
    • Down


    • Except
    • Excepting


    • For
    • From


    • In
    • Inside
    • Into
    • In front of
    • In spite of
    • Instead of


    • Near
    • Next to
    • Notwithstanding


    • Of
    • Off
    • On
    • Onto
    • Out
    • Outside
    • Over


    • Past


    • Regarding
    • Round


    • Save
    • Since
    • Through
    • Throughout
    • To
    • Toward
    • Towards
    • Under
    • Underneath
    • Until
    • Unto
    • Up


    • With
    • Within
    • Without

    This list provides a comprehensive overview of prepositions starting with each letter of the alphabet. However, please note that there may be variations or regional differences in the usage and understanding of prepositions.


    Our comprehensive journey through prepositions starting from A to Z has revealed the remarkable diversity and significance of these linguistic elements. Prepositions, with their ability to establish relationships between words and convey spatial, temporal, and logical connections, form the backbone of language structure.

    By understanding and utilizing prepositions effectively, we enhance our ability to express precise meaning, navigate complex ideas, and create coherent and cohesive sentences. Let us appreciate the intricacy and importance of prepositions as we continue to expand our linguistic horizons and communicate with clarity and sophistication.

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