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PROUD OF in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Proud Of

    Sentence with Proud Of

    Have you ever wanted to express your admiration or satisfaction for someone or something? The phrase “proud of” is used to convey a sense of pride, approval, or delight towards a person’s achievements, qualities, or actions.

    When you say you are “proud of” someone, you are acknowledging and celebrating their accomplishments, virtues, or progress. It’s a way to show support, encouragement, and appreciation for what they have done or who they are.

    7 Examples Of Proud Of Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I am proud of my colorful drawing.
    • My parents are proud of me for tying my shoes.
    • We are proud of our neat handwriting.
    • The teacher is proud of us for listening well.
    • She is proud of her big puzzle completed.
    • Our friend is proud of his new book.
    • He is proud of his high score in the game.
    Examples Of Proud Of Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Proud Of Examples

    • I am proud of my friend for scoring the highest marks in our class.
    • As a college student, I am proud of my ability to manage my time effectively.
    • I am proud of my participation in extracurricular activities alongside academics.
    • Proud of my project presentation that received positive feedback from my professors.
    • I am proud of successfully balancing my studies and part-time job.
    • Proud of my volunteer work with local organizations during college breaks.
    • I am proud of my decision to pursue a challenging major in college.
    • Proud of my research paper being selected for a prestigious conference.
    • I am proud of completing an internship at a reputed company during summer break.
    • I am proud of my group project team for achieving a top grade in our assignment.
    • Proud of organizing a successful college event with my peers.
    • I am proud of my continuous effort to improve my grades every semester.
    • Proud of my leadership role in the college student council.
    • I am proud of winning a national-level competition representing my college.
    Sentences with Proud Of Examples

    How To Use Proud Of in Sentences?

    To use “Proud Of” in a sentence, you need to understand its meaning and correct usage. “Proud Of” is a phrase used to express satisfaction, pleasure, or pride about someone or something. It is typically followed by a noun or pronoun indicating the reason for the pride.

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    Here are some examples of how to use “Proud Of” in a sentence:

    1. I am Proud Of my daughter for winning the race.
    2. She felt Proud Of her accomplishments at work.
    3. They are Proud Of their team’s performance in the game.
    4. He made his parents Proud Of his academic achievements.
    How To Use Proud Of in Sentences

    When constructing a sentence with “Proud Of,” remember to include the subject (the person feeling proud) and the object (the reason for the pride). The person feeling proud is usually the one saying “Proud Of.”

    It’s essential to note that “Proud” should be followed by “Of” to convey the intended meaning. Avoid using “Proud” alone when expressing pride in someone or something; instead, always pair it with “Of.”

    By applying these guidelines, you can effectively use the phrase “Proud Of” in your sentences to share your feelings of pride or admiration for someone or something.


    In conclusion, expressing pride in oneself or others is a natural and positive aspect of human emotions. By using sentences like “I am proud of you” or “She should be proud of her achievements”, individuals can acknowledge accomplishments, show support, and foster motivation. Such affirmations can boost confidence, strengthen relationships, and inspire continued success.

    Overall, incorporating sentences with “proud of” into our interactions can have a powerful impact on building self-esteem and promoting a sense of accomplishment. Whether celebrating personal milestones or recognizing the achievements of others, expressing pride can create a supportive and encouraging environment that cultivates growth and positivity.