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QUICKLY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Quickly

    Sentence with Quickly

    Do you ever struggle to express your thoughts concisely and efficiently? In writing, the use of adverbs like “quickly” can help convey the speed or pace of an action, enhancing the clarity and impact of your sentences.

    When you incorporate adverbs like “quickly” into your writing, you provide readers with a clear understanding of the pace or speed at which an action is taking place. By using these descriptive words effectively, you can create a vivid picture in the reader’s mind and ensure that your message is communicated swiftly and directly.

    7 Examples Of Quickly Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Quickly run to the playground during recess.
    • Finish your snack quickly so we can start our lesson.
    • Let’s clean up the classroom quickly before the bell rings.
    • Raise your hand quickly if you know the answer.
    • Put on your shoes quickly so we can go outside.
    • Count how many crayons quickly before we start coloring.
    • Quickly line up for lunch so we can all eat together.
    Examples Of Quickly Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Quickly Examples

    • Quickly jot down important points during a lecture.
    • Remember to quickly submit your assignments before the deadline.
    • Quickly scan through previous year’s question papers for exam preparation.
    • Make sure to quickly organize your study notes for easy revision.
    • Quickly seek help from classmates or professors if you are stuck on a concept.
    • Quickly grab a coffee to stay awake during late-night study sessions.
    • Quickly check the timetable for any changes in class schedules.
    • Quickly pack your bag with all necessary supplies before heading to college.
    • Quickly skim through textbooks to understand the key concepts.
    • Quickly join study groups for collaborative learning.
    • Quickly adapt to online learning platforms for virtual classes.
    • Quickly solve practice problems to improve your understanding of the subject.
    • Quickly make a study timetable to manage your time effectively.
    • Quickly catch up on missed lectures by watching recordings.
    Sentences with Quickly Examples

    How To Use Quickly in Sentences?

    Quickly is used as an adverb to describe how an action is done at a fast speed or with little delay. When incorporating this term into a sentence, it is essential to place it before the verb that it is modifying. For example, “He ran quickly to catch the bus,” illustrates how the action of running was done in a rapid manner.

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    It is important to note that quickly can be used with various verbs to convey different actions being done swiftly. For instance, “She typed quickly on the keyboard,” showcases how the typing was done rapidly. In contrast, “They ate their meals quickly,” demonstrates how the action of eating was done in a short amount of time.

    How To Use Quickly in Sentences

    In order to effectively use quickly in a sentence, make sure to pay attention to the context and the verb that it is modifying. This will help you accurately convey the speed or efficiency with which an action is being performed. Additionally, try to vary your sentence structures and the verbs you use with quickly to enhance your writing.

    Overall, mastering the usage of quickly in a sentence will allow you to effectively communicate actions being done at a fast pace and add depth to your writing. With practice and attention to detail, you can confidently incorporate this adverb into your sentences to convey speed and efficiency.


    In conclusion, the ability to compose sentences quickly is a valuable skill that can greatly improve communication efficiency. Whether it’s responding to emails, drafting reports, or engaging in conversations, being able to form coherent sentences rapidly is advantageous in various professional and personal settings. By honing this skill, individuals can convey their thoughts and ideas effectively, saving time and ensuring clarity in their communication.

    Furthermore, practicing the art of constructing sentences swiftly can lead to better time management and increased productivity. Being able to express oneself succinctly and accurately in a short amount of time can result in more efficient exchanges and reduced misunderstandings. Therefore, developing the skill of forming sentences quickly can improve overall communication effectiveness and help individuals achieve their goals more effectively in various aspects of their lives.

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