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STICKING in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Sticking

    Sentence with Sticking

    Have you ever struggled with using the word “sticking” correctly? Let’s clarify its meaning. When we refer to something as “sticking,” we are describing an action where an object adheres or attaches to another surface, typically due to some form of adhesive or natural stickiness.

    Understanding the concept of “sticking” is essential for clear communication. By incorporating this term correctly in your sentences, you can effectively convey the idea of something adhering or clinging to another object.

    7 Examples Of Sticking Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The glue is sticking the paper to the wall.
    • The bandaid is sticking to my finger.
    • The sticker is sticking on my notebook.
    • The wet paint is sticking to my hands.
    • The tape is sticking the two pieces of paper together.
    • The magnet is sticking to the fridge.
    • The bubble gum is sticking to my shoe.
    Examples Of Sticking Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Sticking Examples

    • Sticking to a healthy diet plan can be challenging, especially with tempting street food available near campus.
    • Sticking to a study schedule is crucial to ensure good grades in college.
    • Sticking to a budget can help college students save money for emergencies or future endeavors.
    • Sticking to a daily exercise routine can improve overall fitness and mental well-being.
    • Sticking to a sleep schedule can help maintain focus and productivity during classes.
    • Sticking to a group study session can enhance learning and understanding of complex subjects.
    • Sticking to a part-time job schedule can help students balance work and academics effectively.
    • Sticking to submitting assignments on time is important for academic success.
    • Sticking to a timetable for exam preparation can reduce stress and anxiety during exam time.
    • Sticking to networking opportunities can open doors to internships and job prospects in the future.
    • Sticking to basic hygiene practices like washing hands regularly can prevent the spread of illnesses on campus.
    • Sticking to using academic resources like the library and online databases can enhance research and project work.
    • Sticking to a regular communication schedule with professors can help students seek guidance and clarification on academic topics.
    • Sticking to a study group for difficult subjects can provide support and alternative perspectives on challenging topics.
    Sentences with Sticking Examples

    How To Use Sticking in Sentences?

    Sticking in a sentence means to adhere or attach to something. It is important to understand how to properly use this word in your writing to convey your message clearly.

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    Here is a helpful guide on how to use sticking in a sentence:

    1. Use sticking to describe something adhering to a surface: “The gum was sticking to the bottom of her shoe.”
    2. Use sticking to convey the idea of something remaining in a certain position: “The idea of traveling was sticking in his mind all day.”
    3. Use sticking to describe something causing discomfort or annoyance: “The scratchy tag on the shirt was sticking into her neck.”
    4. Use sticking metaphorically to express persistence or consistency: “She kept sticking to her healthy eating plan despite temptations.”
    5. Experiment with using sticking in different tenses and forms to see how it can enhance your sentence structure.

    Remember, using sticking in a sentence adds depth and clarity to your writing. Try incorporating it into your sentences to improve your communication skills.

    How To Use Sticking in Sentences


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with the keyword “sticking” highlight a range of contexts where this word is commonly used. From describing a stubborn sticker on a surface to portraying the act of adhering two objects together, “sticking” can evoke the idea of attachment or resistance. Whether it’s a child sticking a drawing on the fridge or a bandaid sticking to a wound, this word captures the essence of attachment and persistence in various situations.

    Overall, the word “sticking” conveys a sense of fixity or tenacity, whether literal or metaphorical. It’s a versatile term that can be used to depict both physical connections and emotional attachments, making it a relevant and relatable concept in everyday language and experiences.