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UNTOUCHED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Untouched

    Sentence with Untouched

    Have you ever wondered what it means for something to remain “untouched”? The term “untouched” describes something that has not been altered, changed, or affected in any way.

    In the context of writing, an example sentence with “untouched” would illustrate a scenario where something has remained in its original state, without any modifications or interventions.

    7 Examples Of Untouched Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Some parts of the garden were untouched by the rain.
    2. The new toys were left untouched on the shelf.
    3. The snow on the mountain peak looked so beautiful and untouched.
    4. The basket of fruits was left untouched for days.
    5. The butterfly landed gently on the untouched flower.
    6. The old book on the shelf looked dusty and untouched.
    7. The little puppy’s food bowl was left untouched.

    14 Sentences with Untouched Examples

    • Untouched by the chaos of the city, the campus grounds provide a peaceful oasis for students to relax.
    • The library’s collection of rare books remained untouched until a team of scholars uncovered them for research.
    • Despite multiple attempts, the untouched pile of laundry in the corner of the room seemed to grow larger each day.
    • The pristine white board at the front of the classroom remained untouched as the professor paused to gather his thoughts.
    • The untouched plate of snacks at the college canteen was quickly snatched up by hungry students passing by.
    • The freshly fallen snow lay untouched outside the dormitory, inviting students to come out and play.
    • The potential of the untouched opportunities for internships abroad excited many students seeking to broaden their horizons.
    • As the semester came to a close, the untouched textbooks piled up in the corner represented the learning journey that had taken place.
    • The pristine condition of the sports equipment in the gym showed just how little it was used and remained untouched.
    • The untouched bowl of instant noodles on the desk served as a reminder of the late-night study sessions that had taken place.
    • The untouched art supplies on the shelf beckoned to the creative students looking for an outlet for their imagination.
    • The untouched stack of job applications on the desk waited patiently for the students to take the next step in their career paths.
    • Despite the untouched gym membership, many students vowed to start their fitness journey at the beginning of the new year.
    • The untouched canvas on the easel in the art studio captivated students with its potential for creativity and self-expression.
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    How To Use Untouched in Sentences?

    To Untouched means something has not been impacted or altered in any way. When using this word in a sentence, it is important to choose the correct context to convey your message effectively. For example, “The ancient ruins remained untouched for centuries, preserving their historical significance.” In this sentence, Untouched is used to describe the state of the ruins not being disturbed or changed.

    To incorporate Untouched into a sentence, follow these steps:

    1. Understand the meaning of Untouched: Ensure you grasp the concept of something being left in its original state without any modifications.
    2. Select the appropriate context: Identify situations where the word Untouched accurately describes the lack of disturbance or alteration.
    3. Construct your sentence: Use Untouched in the sentence to convey the idea that something remains in its original condition.

    Remember to consider the tone and context of your sentence to ensure that Untouched is used correctly. It is a powerful word that can evoke feelings of purity, preservation, and undisturbed beauty. Practice using Untouched in various sentences to become more comfortable with incorporating it into your writing.


    In various scenarios, the untouched beauty of nature amazes onlookers, providing a sense of calm and tranquility. The ancient ruins, almost frozen in time, stand as a testament to history, reminding us of our past and the passage of time. Despite the bustling world around us, these natural and historical wonders remain untouched and preserved, offering a glimpse into a different era.

    From pristine landscapes to well-preserved artifacts, the untouched elements of our world hold a special allure, captivating the imagination and connecting us to our cultural and environmental heritage. As we appreciate these untouched treasures, we are reminded of the importance of preservation and conservation efforts to maintain the beauty and significance of these landmarks for future generations to enjoy.

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