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VENDOR in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Vendor

    Sentence with Vendor

    Have you ever purchased goods or services from a vendor? A vendor is a person or company that sells products or services to customers, often in a retail setting or at events.

    Vendors play a crucial role in the economy by providing a wide range of offerings to meet consumer needs. From food trucks to online stores, vendors can be found in various platforms and industries, offering convenience and choice to buyers.

    7 Examples Of Vendor Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The vendor sold brightly colored balloons.
    2. The vendor offered juicy mangoes for sale.
    3. The vendor had a basket of fresh vegetables.
    4. The vendor was selling tasty ice cream.
    5. The vendor had a cart full of toys.
    6. The vendor was selling delicious snacks.
    7. The vendor had a variety of colorful bangles.

    14 Sentences with Vendor Examples

    • Vendor selling affordable snacks outside the college campus.
    • College students negotiating prices with a vendor for stationery supplies.
    • A group of students pooling money to buy lunch from a food vendor.
    • Vendor showcasing designer clothes at a college flea market.
    • Students haggling with a street food vendor for discounts.
    • A vendor offering discounts on textbooks for college students.
    • College students buying fresh fruits from a local vendor for their hostel room.
    • A vendor setting up a stall with handmade jewelry near the university.
    • Students ordering customized college merchandise from a vendor.
    • Group of friends deciding on which food item to buy from a vendor during a college fest.
    • College students purchasing art supplies from a street vendor.
    • A vendor selling hot tea to students during winter months.
    • College students attending a workshop on entrepreneurship led by a successful vendor.
    • A vendor conducting a survey among college students to understand their preferences.
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    How To Use Vendor in Sentences?

    Vendor is a noun that refers to a person or company that sells goods or services. When using Vendor in a sentence, it is important to remember a few key points.

    Firstly, Vendor should always be followed by the specific name of the person or company selling the goods or services. For example, “The vendor at the farmer’s market sells fresh produce.”

    Secondly, when writing about a Vendor, it is helpful to include details about what they are selling. This helps provide context for the reader. For instance, “The street vendor on the corner sells delicious hot dogs.”

    Additionally, if you are referring to a Vendor in a formal setting, it is appropriate to capitalize the word. For instance, “We selected a new Vendor to supply office supplies for the company.”

    Lastly, Vendor can also be used as a verb to describe the act of selling goods or services. For example, “She decided to vendor her handmade jewelry at the local craft fair.”

    In conclusion, using Vendor in a sentence is straightforward once you understand its meaning and how to properly incorporate it into your writing. Remember to provide specific details, capitalize the word when appropriate, and consider using it as a verb to convey selling activities.


    In conclusion, sentences with the keyword “vendor” showcase interactions between buyers and sellers. Vendors play a crucial role in providing goods or services to customers, and these sentences often illustrate transactions, negotiations, or agreements between the two parties. Vendors can be individuals, businesses, or organizations that sell products or services, and their relationships with customers are defined by these sentences.

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    Through examples of sentences with the keyword “vendor,” we gain insight into the dynamics of commercial exchanges and the importance of clear communication between vendors and customers. Whether discussing pricing, quality, delivery terms, or customer service, these sentences highlight the various aspects of vendor-customer relationships and the essential role vendors play in meeting consumer needs and preferences.