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VENERATE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Venerate

    Sentence with Venerate

    Have you ever shown deep respect or adoration towards someone or something? This feeling of reverence and admiration is commonly known as venerate.

    Venerating someone means to highly respect or honor them, often for their achievements, qualities, or significance. This act of reverence can be seen in different cultures and religions around the world, showcasing the universal nature of veneration.

    7 Examples Of Venerate Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Venerate means to show respect to someone.
    • We should venerate our teachers for their hard work.
    • In India, people venerate their elders and ancestors.
    • Let’s venerate our national flag and anthem.
    • It is important to venerate our cultural traditions.
    • We should always venerate our parents for their love and care.
    • Remember to venerate all living beings and treat them with kindness.

    14 Sentences with Venerate Examples

    1. College students in India often venerate their professors for their knowledge and guidance.
    2. It is common for students to venerate successful alumni who have made a mark in their respective fields.
    3. Many students venerate historical figures or leaders who have made significant contributions to Indian society.
    4. During cultural festivals, students venerate idols and offer prayers for blessings and prosperity.
    5. Students from different states in India venerate various deities according to their religious beliefs.
    6. Venerating academic achievements is a common practice among college students striving for excellence.
    7. In the competitive world of sports, students venerate athletes who have achieved great success and fame.
    8. It is important for students to venerate the principles of honesty and integrity in their academic endeavors.
    9. Students venerate cultural icons who have influenced art, music, and literature in India.
    10. Venerating the diversity and unity of India is a common theme in college cultural events and celebrations.
    11. College students venerate the tradition of seeking blessings from elders before embarking on important endeavors.
    12. During college fests, students often venerate performers and artists who showcase their talents on stage.
    13. In academic circles, students venerate scholars and researchers who have made groundbreaking discoveries in their fields.
    14. It is customary for students to venerate their parents for their sacrifices and unwavering support in pursuing higher education.
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    How To Use Venerate in Sentences?

    Venerate is a verb that means to regard with great respect or reverence. When using “venerate” in a sentence, it is important to consider the context in which the word is being used. Here are a few examples to help you understand how to correctly use “venerate” in a sentence:

    1. “Many people venerate Mahatma Gandhi for his role in India’s independence movement.”
    2. “In some cultures, it is customary to venerate ancestors during special ceremonies.”
    3. “The community gathered to venerate the hero who sacrificed his life to save others.”

    Remember that “venerate” is a formal word often used in serious or reverent contexts. It is not typically used in casual conversation. When using “venerate,” consider the level of respect or admiration that you want to convey towards the subject of your sentence. Make sure the sentence conveys a deep sense of reverence or admiration for the person, idea, or object being venerated.

    By following these guidelines and examples, you can effectively incorporate “venerate” into your vocabulary and written communication.


    In conclusion, venerate means to regard with great respect or reverence. It is a term that denotes a deep admiration or worshipful regard for someone or something. Throughout history, societies have venerated leaders, heroes, gods, and cultural symbols. The veneration of individuals or ideals often reflects the values and beliefs that a community holds dear.

    Venerating figures such as historical figures, religious icons, or national symbols plays a significant role in shaping cultural identities and values. By venerating these figures or ideals, societies express their reverence and admiration for qualities or principles they hold in high esteem. Understanding the meaning and importance of veneration provides insight into the way societies value and uphold their beliefs, traditions, and cultural heritage.

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