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Verbs That Start With J

    Verbs That Start With J

    This article will discuss verbs that start with J. Some of the verbs are jaywalk, jinx, and jog. Jaywalking is crossing the street outside of a designated crosswalk. Jinx is a verb that means to cause someone bad luck. Jog is a verb that means to run at a slow, easy pace.

    Verbs That Start With The Letter J

    Verbs That Start With J

    Verbs Starting With J

    Just because a word starts with the letter J doesn’t mean it’s a verb. However, there are quite a few verbs that do start with this letter. If you’re looking for a list of verbs that start with J, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the verbs below, along with their definitions and example sentences.

    • Jab

    (verb) to poke or thrust at someone or something suddenly and sharply

    He jabbed the needle into my arm.

    • Jacob

    (verb) to trick or deceive someone

    The con artist jacobed me out of my life savings.

    • Jail

    (verb) to confine someone in jail

    The judge jailed the defendant for contempt of court.

    • Jam

    (verb) to block or fill (something) so that it cannot move or operate

    The snow jammed the door shut.

    • Jangle

    (verb) to make a harsh, ringing sound

    The keys jangled in his pocket.

    • Jaunty

    (verb) to walk or move in a light, confident, and cheerful way

    She jauntily strutted down the street in her new dress.

    • Jeer

    (verb) to say mean and insulting things to someone

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    The other kids jeered at him because he was different.

    • Jerk

    (verb) to move or cause to move with a sudden movement

    The dog jerked the leash out of my hand.

    • Jest

    (verb) to say or do something for amusement or fun

    We were just jesting when we said we’d sell you the car for $1.

    • Jibe

    (verb) to be in agreement or harmony with something

    His story didn’t jibe with what we know to be true.

    • Jiggle

    (verb) to move up and down or from side to side with small, quick movements

    The baby jiggled her legs impatiently.

    • Jilt

    (verb) to suddenly end a relationship with someone

    She was jilted by her fiancé just a week before the wedding.

    • Jinx

    (verb) to cause bad luck to someone or something

    Don’t jinx it! We’re finally having a good streak of

    Verbs Starting With J

    There are many verbs that start with the letter J. Some of these verbs are:

    JabberTo talk rapidly or incessantly
    JailA place of confinement for persons held in lawful custody
    JamTo cause to become stuck
    JargonSpecialized or technical language
    JaundiceA yellow discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes, or whites of the eyes
    JeopardizeTo endanger
    JerkTo make a sudden, quick movement
    JestTo speak or act in a playful or mocking way
    JinxA person or thing that brings bad luck

    Positive Verbs That Start With J

    When it comes to verbs that start with the letter J, there are quite a few to choose from. Just take a look at the list below and you’ll see what we mean.

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    JabberTo talk rapidly and incoherently.
    JailTo lock someone up in prison.
    JamTo get stuck in traffic.
    JogTo run at a slow and steady pace.
    JoltTo shock or surprise someone.
    JuggleTo juggle multiple tasks at the same time.
    JustTo act in a fair and just manner.

    Action Verbs Starting With J

    Just imagine all of the amazing things you could do with a better understanding of action verbs that start with the letter J. No longer would you be Jealous of others’ accomplishments, you would be Just as successful as them! Here are some examples of J-related action verbs to get you started on your journey to success:

    • Jab – to poke or prod at someone or something
    • Juggle – to keep multiple balls in the air at the same time
    • Jolt – to give a sudden shock or surprise
    • Joust – to compete in a battle or competition
    • Judicious – to use good judgement
    • Jump – to take sudden and immediate action

    These are just a few of the many action verbs that start with J. So next time you’re feeling jealous of someone else’s success, remember that you too can achieve great things by taking action and using your judgement. Just go out there and do it!

    Final Words

    There are not many verbs that start with the letter J. The most common ones are “justify,” “juggle,” and “jolt.” However, there are other less common verbs that start with J, such as “jape,” “jeer,” and “jibe.” While there may not be many verbs that start with J, there are still a few that can be used in various writing contexts.

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