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VICIOUS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Vicious

    Sentence with Vicious

    Have you ever come across a sentence that left you reeling with its ferocity and spite? Welcome to the world of “vicious” example sentences. “Vicious” is defined as something cruel, aggressive, or intentionally harmful in nature.

    In writing, a “vicious” example sentence is one that is designed to sting or cut with its words, demonstrating the power and impact that language can have. These sentences often leave a lasting impression on the reader, showcasing the writer’s skill in conveying intense emotion or harsh realities.

    7 Examples Of Vicious Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The lion has sharp teeth and claws, making it a vicious predator.
    2. Snakes can be very vicious when they feel threatened.
    3. Sometimes, wild dogs can act vicious if they are hungry.
    4. It’s important to stay away from animals that seem vicious.
    5. The storm had vicious winds that knocked over trees.
    6. Sharks are known for their vicious behavior in the water.
    7. Tornadoes can be vicious storms that cause a lot of damage.

    14 Sentences with Vicious Examples

    1. Some college students engage in vicious gossiping just to bring others down.
    2. The competition for top grades can sometimes turn vicious among college students.
    3. Cyberbullying is a vicious act that many college students unfortunately experience.
    4. Avoid getting caught up in vicious arguments that distract you from your studies.
    5. Students should be wary of falling into a vicious cycle of procrastination.
    6. It’s important to address any vicious rumors circulating around the college campus.
    7. Don’t underestimate the impact of vicious pranks on your classmates.
    8. Peer pressure can lead some students to participate in vicious behavior they wouldn’t normally engage in.
    9. The use of vicious language in debates doesn’t contribute to a respectful learning environment.
    10. Excessive drinking can lead to vicious hangovers that affect your academic performance.
    11. Some college students resort to vicious tactics to get ahead in competitive fields like engineering or medicine.
    12. Don’t get caught up in the vicious cycle of comparison with your peers on social media.
    13. It’s important for college students to speak up against any vicious acts of discrimination or harassment.
    14. Joining student clubs and organizations can help you avoid the vicious cycle of isolation often felt by new students.
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    How To Use Vicious in Sentences?

    To use Vicious in a sentence, you need to understand its meaning first. Vicious is an adjective that describes something cruel, violent, or harmful. Here’s a simple guide on how to use Vicious in a sentence:

    1. Identify the context: Think about a situation where someone or something is behaving in a cruel or aggressive manner. This will help you use Vicious appropriately in your sentence.
    2. Choose your subject: Select the person, animal, or thing that exhibits Vicious behavior in your sentence.
    3. Form your sentence: Place the subject at the beginning of your sentence, followed by the verb and any additional information. Lastly, add the word Vicious to describe the behavior.
    4. Example: “The lioness launched a vicious attack on the intruder.”

    In this example, “lioness” is the subject, “launched” is the verb, and “vicious” describes the nature of the attack, showing that it was cruel and aggressive.

    1. Practice: To become more comfortable using Vicious in a sentence, practice by creating different sentences with varying subjects and situations. This will help you gain confidence in incorporating Vicious into your vocabulary.

    Remember, using Vicious correctly in a sentence can help you paint a vivid picture of a situation characterized by cruelty or violence.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with “vicious” highlight the various ways in which this word can be used to describe intense hostility, cruelty, or aggression. Whether describing a vicious attack, a vicious cycle, or a vicious rumor, the word showcases the destructive nature of the subject at hand. These sentences emphasize the severity and harmful intent often associated with the term “vicious,” conveying a sense of brutality and malice in different contexts.

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    By examining these examples, it becomes clear that “vicious” is a powerful term that conveys a strong negative connotation. Its usage in sentences helps to depict scenarios of extreme violence, malintent, or harm, leaving a lasting impact on the reader by evoking feelings of fear, disgust, or outrage.