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WAKEN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Waken

    Sentence with Waken

    Have you ever experienced that jolt of awakening from sleep? The term “waken” refers to the act of waking up or stirring from slumber. It signifies the transition from a state of sleep to being awake and alert.

    In language, “waken” is often used to describe the action of rousing oneself or others from sleep. It portrays the process of becoming conscious and aware after a period of rest.

    7 Examples Of Waken Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Waken up, it’s time to play outside.
    • We will waken the flowers by giving them water.
    • The sun will waken us in the morning.
    • Waken the butterflies by opening the window.
    • Birds waken early to sing their songs.
    • Let’s waken up the sleepy puppy.
    • The alarm clock will waken us for school.

    14 Sentences with Waken Examples

    • Waken up early to catch the first bus to the college campus.
    • Make sure to waken your roommate before leaving for the morning lecture.
    • It’s important to waken your classmate if they oversleep for an exam.
    • Don’t forget to waken yourself up for the early morning cricket match.
    • Waken your study group members for the all-night study session before the final exams.
    • Waken your friends for the practice session for the college cultural fest.
    • It’s essential to waken up on time for the presentation rehearsal.
    • Set multiple alarms to ensure you waken up in time for the online classes.
    • Don’t hesitate to waken your friends for the impromptu midnight snack run.
    • Waken up early on weekends for the trekking trip with the college adventure club.
    • Integrate a habit of wakening up early for a productive day ahead.
    • Make it a routine to waken up early for yoga and meditation sessions in college.
    • Plan your schedule to waken up early to hit the college gym before classes.
    • It’s crucial to waken up early to prepare for the college debate competition.
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    How To Use Waken in Sentences?

    To use the word “Waken” in a sentence, you must understand that it is a verb meaning to wake up or rouse from sleep.

    Here is an example sentence that demonstrates the correct usage of Waken:

    • “The sound of the birds chirping outside the window helped waken Sarah from her deep slumber.”

    When using Waken in a sentence, make sure to follow these guidelines:

    Waken should be used to describe the action of waking up or arousing someone or something from sleep.
    Waken is an irregular verb, so its past form is “wakened” instead of “waked”.
    Waken is often used in literature or poetic language to add a more descriptive and expressive flair to the writing.

    Remember, practice is key to mastering the correct usage of Waken in sentences. Try incorporating it into your writing whenever you can to become more comfortable with using it correctly.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences using the keyword “waken” illustrate the act of waking from sleep or making someone else wake up. The word “waken” is commonly used in literary contexts to denote the moment of rousing from slumber or bringing someone back to consciousness. By incorporating this word into sentences, the imagery of awakening and alertness is vividly conveyed to readers.

    Overall, the use of “waken” in sentences enriches the narrative by capturing the essence of emergence from sleep or drowsiness. Whether describing the gentle wakening of a character in a story or the urgency of being wakened by an alarm, this word adds depth and immediacy to the portrayal of waking moments.

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