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WEDGE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wedge

    Sentence with Wedge

    Ever wondered how a simple tool like a “wedge” can make a big impact? A wedge is a versatile and ingenious device designed to split, lift, or hold objects apart by utilizing the principle of applying a concentrated force to widen them.

    This basic yet powerful tool comes in various shapes and sizes, often resembling a triangular prism or tapering piece. By inserting a wedge into tight spaces or between objects, significant mechanical advantage and leverage can be achieved, making tasks such as splitting wood, holding doors open, or even securing a position in construction projects much more manageable.

    7 Examples Of Wedge Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The doorstop is shaped like a wedge.
    • We can cut a cake using a sharp wedge knife.
    • A wedge of cheese is a tasty snack.
    • The farmer uses a wedge to split wood.
    • A wedge of watermelon is sweet and juicy.
    • I can make a wedge shape using two triangles.
    • Let’s use a wedge to prop open the window.

    14 Sentences with Wedge Examples

    1. When fixing a bookshelf, make sure to use a small wooden wedge to stabilize the wobbly leg.
    2. In cooking class, the chef demonstrated how to properly use a wedge to cut a tomato into perfect slices.
    3. For a casual college gathering, serving a platter of cheese and fruits with a variety of wedges is always a hit.
    4. During a group study session, one student used a wedge to prop open the stubborn library door.
    5. The fashion design students used a wedge as a pattern-making tool to create a new dress design.
    6. A practical joke among friends involved placing a doorstop wedge at the entrance of the classroom before the professor arrived.
    7. To save space in their cramped dorm room, the students decided to use a wedge-style desk that could fit perfectly in the corner.
    8. The engineering students were tasked with designing a new type of bridge support, opting for a wedge-shaped design for stability.
    9. While playing a game of carrom in the common room, someone suggested using a wedge to improve their aim.
    10. During a DIY furniture project, a couple of students used a wedge to secure the joints of the newly built bookshelf.
    11. The debate team used a wedge argument strategy to drive a point home during a heated discussion.
    12. While setting up for a college event, the event planners used a wedge to prop open the heavy main doors.
    13. A group of friends decided to go for a hike and enjoyed a picnic overlooking the valley, cutting their sandwiches into neat wedges.
    14. The architecture students studied the ancient structures, noting the clever use of wedge shapes in the design to support heavy loads.
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    How To Use Wedge in Sentences?

    To use the word Wedge in a sentence, you must first understand its meaning. Wedge is a noun that refers to a piece of material having the shape of a triangle or trapezoid, especially one intended for forcing into a space to hold parts together or to separate them.

    Here’s a simple example sentence using Wedge:

    • “She used a wedge of cheese to prop open the door.”

    When structuring a sentence with Wedge, be sure to place the word in a position that clearly conveys its intended meaning. Remember to use appropriate grammar and context to ensure your sentence makes sense.

    Additionally, consider using synonyms or related words to enhance your sentence. Some synonyms for Wedge include block, chock, and shim.

    Practice using Wedge in various sentences to become more comfortable with its usage. You can try incorporating it into different contexts or scenarios to expand your understanding of the word.

    By following these guidelines and actively using Wedge in your writing or speech, you will improve your fluency and confidence in incorporating new vocabulary into your everyday language.


    In summary, wedge-shaped objects or tools are commonly found in everyday life, used for various purposes such as splitting, tightening, or securing materials. These objects, often triangular in shape, are designed to create a separation or hold things in place by exerting force when inserted into a space. Wedges are simple yet effective tools that provide mechanical advantage in tasks ranging from construction to cooking.

    Whether it’s a doorstop, axe, or knife, the concept of a wedge is fundamental in many aspects of our lives. Understanding how wedges work and how to utilize them correctly can make tasks easier and more efficient. From holding a door open to slicing through materials, wedges play a crucial role in our daily lives and highlight the importance of simple machines in human civilization.

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