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WHILE AWAY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use While Away

    Sentence with While Away

    Have you ever found yourself aimlessly passing time, leisurely engaging in an activity with no particular purpose? This is known as “while away,” a phrase that describes the act of idly spending time in a relaxed or unproductive manner.

    Whether it’s lounging on a hammock with a good book, doodling in a notebook, or simply daydreaming in your backyard, “while away” encompasses various ways of enjoying downtime without a specific goal in mind. It’s a term that captures the essence of leisurely moments spent in a carefree and unhurried manner.

    7 Examples Of While Away Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • While away the summer days, butterflies flit from flower to flower.
    • The birds chirp while away the hours in the treetops.
    • While away the afternoon, we played tag in the park.
    • The cat likes to while away the time basking in the sun.
    • While away the rainy day, we read books by the fireplace.
    • Children love to while away the evening watching the stars twinkle.
    • While away the morning, we painted colorful pictures on paper.

    14 Sentences with While Away Examples

    • While away the long study hours, many college students find solace in listening to music.
    • College students often while away their free time browsing social media.
    • While away the weekends, some students prefer going for short trips with friends.
    • During breaks between classes, students often while away the time by playing games on their phones.
    • To relax after a hectic week, many students like to while away the time watching movies or TV shows.
    • While away the summer vacation, some students opt for internships to gain practical experience.
    • With assignments piling up, students struggle to while away their time for recreational activities.
    • Many students prefer to while away their evenings by going for a walk or jog around the campus.
    • While away the semester break, some students enroll in short-term courses to enhance their skills.
    • Some students choose to while away their study breaks by engaging in creative hobbies like painting or writing.
    • While away the monsoon season, college students often spend their time indoors with board games or puzzles.
    • During exam season, students try to while away their anxiety by practicing relaxation techniques like meditation.
    • While away the holidays, many students volunteer for social causes or community service projects.
    • Away from the hustle and bustle of campus life, some students like to while away their time in solitude, reflecting on their goals and aspirations.
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    How To Use While Away in Sentences?

    While Away means to spend time doing something enjoyable or relaxing, typically when there are other things that should be done. In a sentence, it can be used as follows:

    “I like to while away my Sunday afternoons reading a good book in the park.”

    In this context, “while away” suggests that the person is choosing to spend their time leisurely, rather than using it for more productive activities. It implies a sense of relaxation and enjoyment in taking time for oneself.

    When using While Away in a sentence, remember to pair it with an activity or a time frame to indicate how the time is being spent. This helps to convey the idea of indulging in a pleasurable pastime rather than engaging in a demanding task.

    For example:

    – “She decided to while away the rainy evening watching movies.”
    – “We plan to while away the long weekend at the beach.”

    By incorporating While Away into your sentences, you can effectively communicate the idea of taking a break or relaxing in a pleasant manner. Remember to use it when describing moments of leisure or enjoyment, rather than when discussing tasks or responsibilities.


    In conclusion, “while away” is a versatile phrasal verb that signifies passing time in a relaxed or enjoyable manner. Whether spending hours chatting with friends or lounging on a beach, people often use this expression to describe engaging in leisurely activities or indulging in moments of relaxation. By incorporating “while away” into a sentence, individuals can effectively convey the idea of spending time idly or pleasurably.

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    The phrase “while away” adds a touch of whimsy and informality to sentences, making it a useful tool for expressing the concept of enjoying leisure time in a casual manner. Whether describing a lazy afternoon spent reading a book or a weekend spent exploring a new city, “while away” offers a succinct and engaging way to convey the idea of passing time in an enjoyable and carefree manner.