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WICKED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wicked

    Sentence with Wicked

    Have you ever heard someone describe something as “wicked”? In informal language, this word is often used to show admiration or excitement for something that is impressive, cool, or extraordinary. It’s a versatile term that can convey a sense of awesomeness or amazement.

    Adding “wicked” to your vocabulary can give your expressions a fun and edgy twist. In everyday conversations, using this word can inject a sense of enthusiasm or approval, making your language more dynamic and engaging.

    7 Examples Of Wicked Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Wicked witches are not real, they are just in stories.
    • I saw a wicked spider crawling on the wall.
    • The cat had a wicked grin on its face.
    • Don’t be afraid of the wicked shadows, they are just from the light.
    • The Halloween costume had a wicked mask.
    • The dragon in the book was very wicked.
    • The witch’s broomstick looked wicked.

    14 Sentences with Wicked Examples

    1. You missed a wicked party last night at the campus.
    2. The professor assigned us a wicked amount of readings for next week.
    3. Did you hear about the wicked discounts available for students at the bookstore?
    4. I can’t believe how wicked the cafeteria food was today.
    5. The traffic was wicked this morning, I barely made it to class on time.
    6. I heard the chemistry lab experiment was wicked, can’t wait to try it out.
    7. The math assignment was wicked difficult, I hope I got the answers right.
    8. I found a wicked study spot in the library that’s always quiet and cozy.
    9. The guest lecture on climate change was wicked informative and eye-opening.
    10. Have you checked out the wicked internship opportunities available for students in our department?
    11. The campus gym offers wicked fitness classes that are free for students.
    12. I’m planning a wicked road trip with friends during the semester break.
    13. The campus festival had a wicked lineup of musicians and performers this year.
    14. I can’t wait to graduate and start my new job, the future looks wicked bright.
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    How To Use Wicked in Sentences?

    Incorporating the word Wicked into your sentences can add intensity or emphasize the magnitude of an action or description. To use Wicked effectively, consider the following tips:

    1. Context: Make sure the context of your sentence is appropriate for the use of the word Wicked. It is commonly used to describe something extremely impressive or extraordinary.
    2. Adjective: Wicked is primarily used as an adjective to modify nouns. For example, “The movie had a wicked plot twist.”
    3. Emphasis: When using Wicked, you are emphasizing the extreme nature of the subject. For instance, “She has a wicked sense of humor.”
    4. Tone: Consider the tone of your sentence when using Wicked. It can convey a sense of excitement, admiration, or even disbelief.
    5. Variety: Try to experiment with different ways to incorporate Wicked into your sentences. This will help you understand its nuances and how it can enhance your language.
    6. Avoid Overuse: While Wicked can make your sentences more vibrant, avoid overusing it. It will lose its impact if used excessively.

    By following these simple tips, you can effectively incorporate the word Wicked into your sentences and enhance your language skills. Practice using it in different contexts to become more adept at utilizing this powerful adjective.


    In summary, the term “wicked” can be used in various contexts to describe something evil, immoral, or intentionally harmful. It is often utilized to portray characters in stories, such as villains or antagonists, who commit malevolent actions. For instance, a sentence like “The wicked witch cast a spell on the town” exemplifies how the word can be used to depict a character’s nefarious deeds.

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    Furthermore, “wicked” can also be used in a more colloquial sense to mean extremely cool, amazing, or impressive. This usage is common in informal language and can be found in sentences like “That concert was wicked awesome!” showcasing how the word can convey a sense of enthusiasm or admiration. Overall, the versatility of the term “wicked” allows it to convey both negative and positive meanings, depending on the context in which it is used.