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WITH REFERENCE TO in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use With Reference To

    Sentence with With Reference To

    Do you struggle with using “with reference to” in your sentences? This phrase is commonly used to indicate where information or ideas come from, helping to provide context or citations in writing.

    “With reference to” is a formal way to point out the source of information or the basis of an argument. It is often used in academic and professional writing to strengthen the validity of a statement or to show the connections between different ideas. Let’s explore how to effectively incorporate this phrase in your writing to enhance clarity and credibility.

    7 Examples Of With Reference To Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. With reference to colors, the sky is blue and the grass is green.
    2. The sun shines bright with reference to daytime.
    3. With reference to animals, a cat says “meow” and a dog says “woof.”
    4. Trees are tall and have leaves with reference to plants.
    5. With reference to numbers, 1 comes before 2.
    6. With reference to fruits, apples are red and bananas are yellow.
    7. Birds can fly with reference to their wings.

    14 Sentences with With Reference To Examples

    • With reference to the upcoming exams, have you started revising the important topics?
    • Are you familiar with reference to the latest changes in the examination pattern?
    • Can you provide me with reference to the recommended textbooks for this subject?
    • With reference to the upcoming seminar, have you finalized your presentation topic?
    • I need some clarification with reference to the submission deadline for our project.
    • Have you prepared a study schedule with reference to the upcoming semester exams?
    • With reference to the internship opportunity, have you submitted your resume yet?
    • Did the professor provide any additional instructions with reference to the assignment?
    • I need some guidance with reference to choosing electives for the next semester.
    • With reference to the college festival, have you signed up for any events or workshops?
    • Could you share any insights with reference to the career options in this field?
    • I am looking for some research articles with reference to the topic of my thesis.
    • Have you attended the workshop with reference to enhancing communication skills?
    • Can you recommend any study groups with reference to preparing for the competitive exams?
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    How To Use With Reference To in Sentences?

    To use “With Reference To” in a sentence, start by identifying the main point you want to refer to. This phrase is typically used to introduce or specify the subject matter you are discussing.

    For example, “With reference to the upcoming project, we need to finalize the budget by the end of the week.” In this sentence, the phrase “with reference to” is used to direct the reader’s attention to the project that is being discussed.

    Remember to follow “with reference to” with a noun or noun phrase that clearly identifies the topic you are referring to. This will help ensure that your sentence is clear and concise.

    It is important to note that “with reference to” is more formal and tends to be used in written communication or formal speech. It may not be commonly used in casual conversations.

    Practice using this phrase in different contexts to become more comfortable with incorporating it into your writing or speaking. This will help you effectively convey your message and provide clarity to your audience.

    In summary, using “with reference to” in a sentence helps to specify the subject matter being discussed. By following this guide and practicing its usage, you can effectively incorporate this phrase into your communication.


    In conclusion, the sentences provided with reference to the keyword “with reference to” clearly demonstrate the use of this phrase to indicate the subject or topic being discussed. Using this phrase helps to direct the reader’s attention to the specific point or context that is being mentioned. This construction is particularly useful in academic writing, formal correspondence, or when clarity and precision are essential in communication.

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    By examining the examples given, it is evident that incorporating “with reference to” in sentences helps to establish a clear connection between the topic at hand and the information being presented. This phrase serves as a key indicator for the reader, guiding them to focus on the relevant subject matter and ensuring a more effective and coherent flow of information.