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WITH REGARD TO in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use With Regard To

    Sentence with With Regard To

    When discussing a topic in relation to a specific aspect or viewpoint, the phrase “with regard to” comes into play. This expression is commonly used to indicate that the upcoming information pertains to a particular subject or concern.

    “With regard to” is a versatile phrase that assists in focusing the conversation on a specific area or perspective. It helps to streamline communication by directing attention to a particular aspect of the topic at hand.

    7 Examples Of With Regard To Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • With regard to colors, red and green are Christmas colors.
    • Tigers are wild animals with regard to the jungle.
    • We should be polite with regard to our elders.
    • With regard to fruits, apples and bananas are very popular.
    • Elephants are big animals with regard to the zoo.
    • We should be careful with regard to crossing the road.
    • With regard to numbers, 1, 2, and 3 come in order.

    14 Sentences with With Regard To Examples

    1. With regard to the upcoming exams, it is important to start preparing early.
    2. As college students, it is essential to stay updated with regard to important academic deadlines.
    3. With regard to choosing electives for the next semester, make sure to explore all available options.
    4. It is crucial to communicate effectively with regard to group projects to ensure smooth coordination.
    5. With regard to internship opportunities, it is beneficial to seek guidance from career counselors.
    6. Balancing studies and extracurricular activities is important with regard to overall well-being.
    7. With regard to plagiarism, always cite sources properly to avoid academic misconduct.
    8. Time management plays a significant role with regard to completing assignments on time.
    9. Seeking feedback from professors with regard to academic performance can help in identifying areas for improvement.
    10. With regard to attending guest lectures, prioritize topics that align with your academic interests.
    11. It is important to stay organized with regard to class notes to facilitate revision before exams.
    12. With regard to choosing a career path, consider your strengths and interests.
    13. Collaboration and teamwork are essential with regard to participating in group discussions.
    14. With regard to community service, college students can engage in various social initiatives to give back to society.
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    How To Use With Regard To in Sentences?

    With Regard To is a phrase used to introduce a topic or subject that is being discussed or considered. It is often used to show that the following statement pertains to a particular matter.

    In a sentence, with regard to should be followed by the specific topic or issue that you want to talk about. For example, “With regard to your request for a meeting, we are available next Monday.”

    It’s important to note that with regard to is a formal way of expressing something. It shows respect and consideration for the topic at hand.

    When using with regard to in a sentence, make sure to follow it with a comma before continuing with the rest of your statement. This helps to separate the introductory phrase from the main part of the sentence.

    It is also essential to ensure that the topic or issue you are referring to after with regard to is clear and relevant to the context of the conversation. This helps in maintaining clarity and understanding for the listener or reader.

    By following these guidelines, you can effectively use with regard to in your sentences to express your thoughts and ideas in a polite and respectful manner.


    In conclusion, the use of “sentences with regard to” provides clarity and emphasis when discussing a specific topic or issue. This phrase is commonly used to highlight information or opinions that are relevant to a particular subject, allowing for a more focused and precise communication of ideas. For example, “In her statement, she made several sentences with regard to the importance of environmental conservation,” shows how this phrase can pinpoint key points in a discussion.

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    By using “sentences with regard to,” writers and speakers can effectively draw attention to specific details or considerations within a larger context. This phrase helps to structure information in a coherent and organized manner, making it easier for the audience to grasp the main points being presented. Overall, incorporating this phrase into writing and speech can enhance the clarity and impact of communication on a given topic.