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WITH THIS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use With This

    Sentence with With This

    Have you ever struggled to understand how to use “with this” in a sentence? Let’s clarify: “with this” is a phrase often used to introduce additional information or context to a statement. It can help specify a particular object, idea, or action connected to the main subject of the sentence.

    When incorporating “with this” into your writing or speech, consider how you can enhance your message by providing more details or explanations. By utilizing “with this” effectively, you can create more clarity and depth in your communication.

    7 Examples Of With This Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • With this pencil, you can draw a beautiful picture.
    • Let’s spell our names with this alphabet puzzle.
    • We can count numbers with this abacus toy.
    • Play a fun game with this colorful ball.
    • Let’s read a storybook with this big words.
    • Build a tall tower with this building blocks.
    • Eat your snack with this tiny spoon.

    14 Sentences with With This Examples

    1. With this new laptop, I will be able to type up my assignments more efficiently.
    2. I can easily access online study materials with this high-speed internet connection.
    3. With this course syllabus in hand, I can plan out my study schedule for the semester.
    4. I can organize my notes better with this new notebook.
    5. With this study group, I can prepare for exams more effectively.
    6. I can improve my communication skills with this public speaking workshop.
    7. With this library membership, I can borrow reference books for my research projects.
    8. I can enhance my resume with this internship opportunity.
    9. I can stay on top of my assignments with this student planner.
    10. With this online tutorial, I can learn coding at my own pace.
    11. I can improve my time management skills with this productivity app.
    12. I can showcase my creativity with this art exhibition on campus.
    13. I can network with professionals in my field with this career fair.
    14. I can boost my fitness levels with this gym membership.
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    How To Use With This in Sentences?

    To use With This in a sentence, simply place the phrase before or after the subject of the sentence to indicate a connection or association. For example: “With this new information, I can make a more informed decision.” Here, With This is used before the noun “new information” to show that the information is the basis for making a decision.

    You can also use With This after the subject of the sentence to provide additional context or explanation. For instance: “She passed the exam with this amazing study guide.” In this case, With This is used after the subject “She” to highlight the study guide that contributed to her success.

    Additionally, you can use With This at the beginning of a sentence to emphasize a specific point or detail. For instance: “With this in mind, we should proceed cautiously.” Here, With This is used to draw attention to the idea that should be considered before taking any actions.

    Remember to always ensure that the phrase With This is placed appropriately in the sentence to convey the intended meaning clearly. Practicing with different sentence structures will help you become more comfortable using this phrase effectively in your writing.


    In this article, various examples of sentences using the keyword “with this” have been presented. “With this” is commonly used to introduce a clause or phrase that provides context or explanation for an action or statement. By using “with this,” writers can clearly connect ideas and guide the reader’s understanding of the information being presented.

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    Overall, the consistent use of “with this” helps to enhance the clarity and coherence of the sentences. It serves as a linking phrase that signals the relationship between different parts of a sentence or paragraph, making it easier for readers to follow the flow of the text. Incorporating “with this” effectively can improve the overall readability and comprehension of written content.