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WITHDRAW in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Withdraw

    Sentence with Withdraw

    Have you ever needed to take money out of your bank account? That process is called a “withdrawal.” When you withdraw money, you are essentially removing funds from your account, whether it be for purposes like paying bills, making purchases, or simply taking out cash.

    In banking terms, the act of withdrawal involves deducting a specific amount of money from your account balance. Withdrawing funds can be done in various ways, such as through ATM transactions, bank teller visits, or online transfers. Understanding how withdrawals work is important for managing your finances effectively.

    7 Examples Of Withdraw Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • You can withdraw money from the bank.
    • It is important to withdraw money safely.
    • Remember to withdraw money carefully.
    • Do not forget to withdraw the correct amount.
    • Make sure to withdraw money only when needed.
    • Ask an adult to help you withdraw money.
    • Always keep your card safe when you withdraw money.

    14 Sentences with Withdraw Examples

    • Withdrawing money from the ATM is convenient, but be mindful of transaction fees.
    • Before the deadline, remember to withdraw from any courses you no longer want to take.
    • It’s important to withdraw cash from the bank before heading to college fests or events.
    • As a precaution, students should not share their PIN when using an ATM to withdraw money.
    • If you decide to withdraw from a class, it’s crucial to inform your academic advisor.
    • During exams, it’s advisable to withdraw some extra money for snacks and study materials.
    • Students who withdraw from a subject should be aware of how it affects their overall GPA.
    • Avoid long queues by planning ahead when you need to withdraw cash for college expenses.
    • When moving out of the hostel, make sure to withdraw any remaining funds from your meal card.
    • Some ATM’s have limits on how much you can withdraw in a single transaction.
    • To avoid penalties, make sure to follow the correct procedure to withdraw from a course.
    • It’s crucial to keep track of the amount you withdraw to avoid exceeding your budget.
    • Before traveling, make sure you withdraw enough cash to cover any emergencies or unexpected expenses.
    • Students are advised to withdraw from any unauthorized activities that go against college policies.
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    How To Use Withdraw in Sentences?

    To use the word “Withdraw” in a sentence, consider these tips for beginners:

    1. Definition: “Withdraw” means to remove or take back something that was previously given or offered.

    2. Subject: Identify the subject of the sentence, which is the person or thing performing the action of withdrawing. For example, “He” or “She.”

    3. Action: Include the action of withdrawing, which involves taking something back or removing it. For instance, “withdrew” or “is withdrawing.”

    4. Object: Specify the object of the withdrawal, which is the thing being taken back. This could be money, a statement, support, etc.

    5. Context: Provide context to make the sentence clear and cohesive. This could involve describing why the withdrawal is happening or the consequences of it.

    6. Example Sentence: “She decided to withdraw her support from the project after learning about the budget cuts.”

    Remember to conjugate the verb “withdraw” according to the subject and tense of the sentence. By following these steps, you can effectively incorporate “Withdraw” into your sentences with confidence and clarity.


    In conclusion, the importance of carefully reviewing sentences with “withdraw” cannot be overstated. Whether discussing a person’s decision to withdraw money from a bank account, a country’s choice to withdraw troops from a conflict, or an individual’s withdrawal from a social event, each instance carries its own unique implications. Therefore, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and context appropriateness in sentences containing “withdraw” is crucial to effective communication.

    By paying attention to how “withdraw” is used in sentences, individuals can avoid misunderstandings and convey their intended messages clearly. Whether in financial, political, or social contexts, accurately framing actions involving withdrawal is key to maintaining coherence in written and spoken communication.

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