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WITHOUT AVAIL in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Without Avail

    Sentence with Without Avail

    “Have you ever found yourself putting in an immense amount of effort, only to see it go unrecognized or unappreciated? This is where the phrase ‘without avail’ comes into play. Essentially, it signifies a situation in which one’s actions or attempts fail to achieve the desired outcome or result.”

    “Whether it’s going the extra mile at work, trying to mend a broken relationship, or attempting to solve a difficult problem, we have all experienced instances where our efforts were in vain. In these moments, we may say that we tried our best but ultimately, it was all done ‘without avail’.”

    7 Examples Of Without Avail Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The little ant tried to lift a big leaf without avail.
    2. The bird chirped loudly to wake up its sleepy friend, but without avail.
    3. The cat meowed for more treats, but without avail.
    4. The ball bounced high, but the monkey couldn’t catch it without avail.
    5. The flower tried to reach the sun, but without avail.
    6. The fish swam fast to catch the worm, but without avail.
    7. The butterfly fluttered its wings to escape the spider’s web, but without avail.

    14 Sentences with Without Avail Examples

    • Without avail, Ramesh tried to find a last-minute substitute for his group project presentation.
    • After studying all night, Rohini’s efforts to understand the complex physics theory were without avail during the exam.
    • Despite multiple attempts, Deepak’s search for affordable accommodation near campus was without avail.
    • Without avail, Meera tried to secure an extension for her assignment deadline from the professor.
    • Even after attending extra coaching classes, Anjali’s efforts to improve her math grades were without avail.
    • Without avail, Aakash tried to access the online library resources for his research project.
    • Despite sending out dozens of job applications, Shreya’s efforts to land an internship were without avail.
    • With only a few days left before the deadline, Nitin’s attempts to finish his term paper were without avail.
    • Without avail, Priya searched for a part-time job on campus to help with her expenses.
    • Despite revising all night for the exam, Amar’s efforts to recall the answers were without avail.
    • Without avail, Akshay tried to convince the college administration to reschedule the exam date.
    • Even after attending all the career counseling sessions, Pooja’s efforts to land a job post-graduation were without avail.
    • Without avail, Sagar tried to find a study group for the upcoming finals.
    • Despite reaching out to multiple faculty members, Ananya’s efforts to switch her major were without avail.
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    How To Use Without Avail in Sentences?

    To use “Without Avail” in a sentence, you can follow these simple steps:

    1. Understand the Meaning: Without Avail means that something was done unsuccessfully or without success.

    2. Identify the Context: Before using Without Avail in a sentence, make sure you understand the context in which the phrase is being used.

    3. Select your Words: Choose the appropriate tense and subject for your sentence.

    4. Construct your Sentence: Place Without Avail in the appropriate position in your sentence to convey the message of something being done unsuccessfully.

    5. Example Sentence: “She tried to fix the leaking pipe, but her efforts were in vain, as the water continued to flow without avail.”

    6. Practice, Practice, Practice: To become more familiar with using Without Avail in a sentence, practice incorporating it into various sentences to improve your understanding and usage.

    Remember, the phrase Without Avail can be used in both formal and informal settings to indicate the lack of success in achieving a certain outcome. With practice, you will become more comfortable using this phrase in your writing and communication.


    In many situations, efforts made without avail ultimately lead to frustration and disappointment. A person may strive tirelessly, only to realize that their actions have not brought about the desired outcome. When attempts are made without avail, it can be demoralizing and leave individuals feeling helpless. Despite their best intentions, the lack of success can be disheartening and discourage further efforts.

    It is important to recognize when actions are being taken without avail and to reassess strategies to achieve the desired results. By being mindful of the futility of certain approaches, individuals can adapt their methods and focus their energy on more effective ways of reaching their goals. Learning from past experiences where efforts have been in vain can lead to growth and improvement in future endeavors.

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