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WITHOUT DEMUR in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Without Demur

    Sentence with Without Demur

    “Without demur” is a phrase that conveys the idea of complying or agreeing to something without any objection or hesitation. This expression is commonly used to indicate immediate acceptance or willingness to go along with a decision or request without protest.

    In instances where individuals acquiesce promptly and without resistance, the phrase “without demur” succinctly captures the sense of agreement without argument. It serves as a clear and concise way to describe actions taken without objection.

    7 Examples Of Without Demur Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Let’s go play outside without demur.
    • Share your toys without demur with your friends.
    • Listen to your teacher without demur in the classroom.
    • Help your parents without demur with chores at home.
    • Always say sorry without demur when you make a mistake.
    • Eat your vegetables without demur to stay healthy.
    • Hold hands while crossing the street without demur for safety.

    14 Sentences with Without Demur Examples

    • Without demur, the students decided to organize a charity event to help underprivileged children.
    • Opting for a pizza party without demur, the group of friends quickly pooled their money together.
    • Without demur, the college students volunteered to clean up the local park as part of a community service project.
    • When the professor asked for a volunteer to present the research findings, Sarah raised her hand without demur.
    • Without demur, the students agreed to form a study group to prepare for their upcoming exams.
    • Realizing the importance of time management, the students signed up for a workshop on the topic without demur.
    • Without demur, the group of students decided to start a book club to discuss their favorite novels.
    • The college committee voted to implement a recycling program without demur to promote sustainability on campus.
    • When the opportunity to attend a leadership seminar arose, the students registered without demur.
    • Without demur, the students organized a seminar on mental health awareness to advocate for better support systems on campus.
    • Eager to improve their communication skills, the students enrolled in a public speaking course without demur.
    • Recognizing the significance of health and wellness, the students participated in a yoga session without demur.
    • Without demur, the college students agreed to participate in a coding competition to showcase their skills.
    • The local community requested the college students’ help in organizing a charity run, and they agreed without demur.
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    How To Use Without Demur in Sentences?

    When Without Demur is used in a sentence, it means without hesitation or objection. It implies that someone is doing something willingly and without any resistance.

    Here is an example sentence:
    – “She agreed to the new project without demur.”

    In this sentence, the phrase without demur indicates that she agreed to the new project without any hesitation or objection. It shows that she was willing to take on the project without any resistance.

    To use Without Demur effectively in a sentence, consider the context in which the action is taking place. Is the person acting willingly and without any objection? If so, then Without Demur would be an appropriate phrase to use.

    Remember to place Without Demur after the action or decision in the sentence to show that it was done without hesitation. This phrase adds a level of emphasis to the willingness of the person involved.

    In summary, using Without Demur in a sentence implies that the action was taken willingly and without any resistance. It helps convey the idea that the person involved did something without hesitation or objection.


    In summary, sentences with “without demur” convey a sense of agreement or compliance without further objection or hesitation. This phrase is typically used to indicate a strong willingness to accept a decision or course of action without protest. The examples provided showcase how this expression can be utilized in formal or professional settings to express consent or approval without reservation.

    By incorporating “without demur” into one’s language, individuals can communicate their acquiescence or compliance in a succinct and assertive manner. Understanding the context in which this phrase is used can help enhance clarity and professionalism in written or spoken communication, especially when expressing agreement or acceptance unequivocally.

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