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WITHOUT PERMISSION in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Without Permission

    Sentence with Without Permission

    Do you know what it means to use something “without permission”? This phrase refers to an act of utilizing or accessing a resource, material, or information without the explicit approval or consent of the owner or rightful authority.

    Instances of using something without permission can vary widely, from borrowing someone’s belongings without asking, to using copyrighted material for personal gain without the proper authorization. This practice is considered unethical and often illegal, as it infringes on the rights and ownership of the individual or entity.

    7 Examples Of Without Permission Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Without permission, you should not take other people’s toys.
    2. It is not nice to eat someone else’s lunch without permission.
    3. We should always ask before using something that belongs to someone else without permission.
    4. Without permission, you cannot enter someone’s room.
    5. It is important to always tell the truth and not take things without permission.
    6. Without permission, we should not touch things that do not belong to us.
    7. Be sure to ask first before taking something that is not yours without permission.

    14 Sentences with Without Permission Examples

    • Without permission, the student entered the library after hours to finish their assignment.
    • As the party got livelier, more guests started dancing on the tables without permission from the club management.
    • Without permission, he shared the professor’s lecture notes with his classmates who had missed the class.
    • The students were caught taking pictures of the exam questions without permission during the online test.
    • Without permission, they rearranged the classroom seating to form a study group for the upcoming exam.
    • The student secretly borrowed their roommate’s laptop without permission to complete their project.
    • Without permission, a group of students occupied the faculty lounge as a makeshift study spot during finals week.
    • She used the printer in the computer lab without permission to print out flyers for a club event.
    • Without permission, they borrowed lab equipment from the chemistry department for an unauthorized experiment in their dorm room.
    • During a campus protest, students painted slogans on the walls without permission from the university administration.
    • Without permission, he signed up for an extra elective course to explore a new academic interest.
    • The student snuck into the cafeteria after closing hours and made themselves a sandwich without permission.
    • Without permission, she borrowed her friend’s notes to catch up on a missed lecture.
    • A student parked in a restricted area without permission and received a parking ticket as a consequence.
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    How To Use Without Permission in Sentences?

    When Without Permission is used in a sentence, it means doing something without getting approval or consent from someone else. Here’s a helpful guide on how to use this phrase correctly:

    • Before using Without Permission in a sentence, make sure you understand the context in which it is appropriate. It is usually used to describe an action that was taken without obtaining the necessary authorization.

    • Example: “He accessed the confidential files without permission from his manager.”

    • You can also use Without Permission to describe situations where someone did something without asking for approval or consent, such as entering a restricted area or using someone else’s property without their knowledge.

    • Example: “She took the car for a drive without permission from her parents.”

    • It’s important to use Without Permission to clearly convey the idea that an action was done unlawfully or inappropriately. Be mindful of the tone and implications that come with using this phrase.

    • Example: “The contractor started the renovations without permission from the homeowner.”

    • Remember to always consider the consequences of acting Without Permission before using the phrase in a sentence, as it usually implies a breach of trust or rules.


    In conclusion, obtaining permission before using someone else’s work is crucial to ensure compliance with copyright laws. Utilizing sentences without permission can lead to legal consequences, such as being sued for copyright infringement. The examples provided illustrate the significance of securing consent from the rightful owner of the material before incorporating it into one’s own work.

    Therefore, it is always advisable to seek approval or properly attribute sources when using sentences or any content that is not original. By doing so, one can avoid potential disputes, respect intellectual property rights, and uphold ethical standards in writing and creative endeavors. Ultimately, requesting permission before utilizing sentences authored by others is key to fostering a culture of respect, integrity, and legal compliance in the realm of intellectual property.

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