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WONDER AT in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wonder At

    Sentence with Wonder At

    “Curiosity sparked by the unknown is a powerful force that drives us to seek understanding and marvel at the world around us. Wonder at the mysteries of the universe ignites our imagination and spurs a quest for knowledge.”

    When we encounter something that piques our curiosity, we are filled with a sense of wonder at the possibilities it holds. This wonder serves as a catalyst for exploration, pushing us to delve deeper into the unknown and unravel its secrets.

    7 Examples Of Wonder At Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. I wonder at the fluffy clouds in the sky.
    2. I wonder at the colorful butterflies fluttering around.
    3. I wonder at the tall trees with green leaves.
    4. I wonder at the twinkling stars at night.
    5. I wonder at the chirping birds in the trees.
    6. I wonder at the big yellow sun shining bright.
    7. I wonder at the soft petals of the blooming flowers.

    14 Sentences with Wonder At Examples

    • College students in India often wonder at the vast array of career choices available to them after graduation.
    • As exams approach, many students wonder at how to effectively manage their time and study efficiently.
    • Students studying abroad wonder at the cultural differences they encounter in a new country.
    • During practical sessions, engineering students wonder at the intricacies of complex machinery.
    • When studying history, students wonder at the great civilizations that existed centuries ago.
    • Students learning a new language wonder at the beauty and complexity of linguistic communication.
    • Attending career fairs, students often wonder at the wide range of job opportunities available in the market.
    • In group projects, students wonder at the various perspectives and ideas their peers bring to the table.
    • During internships, students wonder at the practical application of their theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.
    • As they delve into research papers, students wonder at the depth of knowledge available on a particular topic.
    • When participating in debates, students wonder at the power of persuasive arguments and effective communication.
    • At college events, students wonder at the creativity and effort that goes into organizing such programs.
    • When exploring new academic disciplines, students wonder at the diverse range of subjects and fields of study available to them.
    • During seminars and workshops, students wonder at the insights shared by industry experts and professionals.
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    How To Use Wonder At in Sentences?

    To use Wonder At in a sentence, follow these simple steps:

    1. Identify the Situation: Consider a situation or scenario that has made you feel amazed or surprised. This could be seeing a beautiful sunset, witnessing a talent show, or observing a remarkable achievement.

    2. Choose the Subject: Decide what exactly you are feeling wonder or amazement towards. It could be a person, an object, an event, or a phenomenon.

    3. Formulate the Sentence: Start your sentence with the word “I” or any appropriate pronoun. Then, add Wonder At followed by the subject of your amazement. For example, “I wondered at the majestic mountain peaks” or “She wonders at the creativity of artists.”

    4. Contextualize the Sentence: Provide additional details to give context to your feeling of wonder. This could include describing your emotions, explaining why you are amazed, or sharing your thoughts on the subject.

    5. Practice and Experiment: Keep using Wonder At in different sentences to become more comfortable with its usage. Experiment with various subjects and situations to broaden your understanding of the expression.

    By following these steps, you can effectively incorporate Wonder At into your sentences to convey a sense of awe, admiration, or surprise towards something that captures your attention.


    In exploring sentences with “wonder at,” it becomes evident that this phrase conveys a sense of curiosity, amazement, or astonishment towards something. These sentences often reflect a sense of marvel or admiration for something remarkable or unknown. Through sentences like “I wonder at the beauty of nature” or “She wonders at the mysteries of the universe,” a deep sense of awe and intrigue is conveyed.

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    Overall, sentences with “wonder at” encapsulate a profound sense of fascination and contemplation towards the wonders of the world around us. They highlight our natural curiosity and appreciation for the marvels that surround us, inviting us to pause, reflect, and be amazed by the extraordinary aspects of life.