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WONDERFUL in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wonderful

    Sentence with Wonderful

    Have you ever struggled with finding the right words to express how truly magnificent something is? The term “wonderful” encompasses a feeling of delight, excitement, and admiration all rolled into one simple word.

    When you want to convey that something is exceptional, remarkable, or extraordinary, using the word “wonderful” instantly communicates a sense of positivity and awe. Whether you are describing a beautiful sunset, a heartwarming gesture, or an amazing achievement, “wonderful” captures the essence of something truly special.

    7 Examples Of Wonderful Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Wonderful! The sun is shining brightly today.
    • Let’s draw a wonderful picture of a butterfly.
    • We had a wonderful time playing with our friends.
    • Our teacher read us a wonderful storybook today.
    • Look at the wonderful colors of the flowers in the garden.
    • I had a wonderful dream last night about flying.
    • Let’s have a wonderful day full of learning and fun.
    Examples Of Wonderful Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Wonderful Examples

    1. Wonderful opportunities await students who are willing to take up internships during their college years.
    2. College is a wonderful time to explore new interests and hobbies that you may not have had time for before.
    3. Taking part in extracurricular activities can lead to wonderful friendships and networks that last a lifetime.
    4. It’s wonderful to see students come together to organize events and cultural festivals on campus.
    5. The library is a wonderful place to study and research for your assignments and projects.
    6. Networking with alumni can provide wonderful insights and future job opportunities.
    7. Attending guest lectures and workshops can be a wonderful way to gain knowledge outside of your regular curriculum.
    8. The campus canteen is a wonderful place to socialize and relax after a long day of classes.
    9. Participating in college competitions can be a wonderful platform to showcase your talents and skills.
    10. Campus festivals are a wonderful way to celebrate diversity and cultural exchange among students.
    11. Having a supportive group of friends can make your college experience even more wonderful.
    12. Venturing out for educational field trips can offer wonderful learning experiences beyond the classroom.
    13. Discussing ideas and projects with professors can lead to wonderful insights and guidance for your academic pursuits.
    14. The college campus is a wonderful place to create lasting memories and forge connections that go beyond graduation.
    Sentences with Wonderful Examples

    How To Use Wonderful in Sentences?

    Wonderful is an adjective that is used to describe something that is extremely good, pleasant, or enjoyable. When using Wonderful in a sentence, it is important to make sure it fits the context appropriately.

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    For example, you can say, “I had a wonderful time at the beach today,” to express how much you enjoyed your experience. Another example could be, “She did a wonderful job on her presentation,” to show appreciation for someone’s hard work.

    To use Wonderful effectively in a sentence, consider the tone and meaning you want to convey. It is often used to express positive emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, or admiration.

    How To Use Wonderful in Sentences

    Remember to place Wonderful before the noun it is describing. For instance, “The sunset was wonderful,” is correct, while “The wonderful sunset was,” is incorrect.

    In summary, when using Wonderful in a sentence, make sure it accurately reflects the positive emotion or experience you want to convey. By placing Wonderful before the noun it describes, you can ensure clarity and impact in your communication.


    In writing, using sentences with wonderful descriptors can greatly enhance the reader’s experience by painting vivid images and evoking strong emotions. Whether it’s describing a beautiful landscape, a heartwarming moment, or an inspiring achievement, well-crafted sentences with wonderful language can captivate and engage the audience, making the writing more memorable and effective.

    By incorporating sentences with wonderful language, writers can create a more immersive and engaging experience for their readers. These sentences can add depth, emotion, and vivid imagery to the writing, allowing the audience to connect more deeply with the content. Consequently, mastering the art of crafting sentences with wonderful descriptions can elevate a piece of writing from ordinary to extraordinary, leaving a lasting impact on those who read it.