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WONTED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wonted

    Sentence with Wonted

    Have you ever come across the word “wonted” and wondered what it means? In simple terms, “wonted” refers to something that is usual, customary, or habitual for someone.

    Derived from an old English word meaning “accustomed,” this adjective is used to describe actions, behaviors, or conditions that are familiar or regular within a particular context. Keep reading to learn how to use “wonted” in everyday conversations and writing.

    7 Examples Of Wonted Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Wonted means something that you are used to.
    • We all have our wonted routines every day.
    • It’s important to have our wonted habits in place.
    • I feel comfortable with my wonted activities.
    • Let’s stick to our wonted schedule for today.
    • Do you have any wonted traditions in your family?
    • Following your wonted habits can help you stay organized.

    14 Sentences with Wonted Examples

    1. Wonted to late-night study sessions, the college students were well-acquainted with grabbing coffee to stay awake.
    2. The cafeteria staff noticed the group of friends sitting at their wonted table, chatting and laughing as they enjoyed their meal.
    3. Wonted to sharing notes and study materials, the students formed a collaborative study group to prepare for exams.
    4. Despite the challenging coursework, the students persevered with their wonted determination to excel academically.
    5. The library was a hub of activity with students engaged in their wonted routine of research and studying.
    6. The college club met at their wonted spot on campus to plan events and discuss upcoming activities.
    7. Wonted to tight budgets, the students often opted for homemade meals over eating out to save money.
    8. The familiar faces of classmates passed by, acknowledging each other with wonted nods and smiles.
    9. The professor’s wonted tough grading policy kept the students on their toes, pushing them to strive for excellence.
    10. The campus bookstore was bustling with students picking up their wonted supplies of textbooks and stationery.
    11. The final year students reminisced about their wonted college days, knowing they would soon part ways after graduation.
    12. Despite their differences, the roommates respected each other’s wonted study habits and living preferences.
    13. The college sports team was proud of their wonted dedication to training and improving their skills.
    14. The students’ wonted cheers and support for their classmates during presentations created a positive and encouraging atmosphere in the classroom.
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    How To Use Wonted in Sentences?

    Wonted is used in a sentence to describe something that is customary, habitual, or usual. It is commonly used to indicate that something is expected or regular.

    When using Wonted in a sentence, it is important to place it appropriately within the sentence structure. Here is an example to help you understand how to correctly use Wonted:

    • “She returned to her wonted routine after the vacation, going to the gym every morning.”

    In this sentence, wonted is used to describe the habitual or customary behavior of the person returning to their regular routine.

    Another example could be:

    • “The village came to life at night, as the streets were filled with the wonted sounds of laughter and music.”

    In this sentence, wonted is used to convey the usual or expected sounds that can be heard in the village at night.

    When incorporating wonted into your writing, remember to consider the context in which you are using it. Make sure it fits naturally within the sentence and accurately conveys the intended meaning of something customary or habitual.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with the keyword “wonted” demonstrate how this word can be used to describe something that is usual, customary, or habitual. These sentences showcase how “wonted” can add depth and sophistication to descriptions of familiar actions or states of being. By using this word, writers can convey a sense of comfort and routine, or contrast it with unexpected changes or disruptions.

    Overall, incorporating “wonted” into sentences can enrich the language and create vivid images in the reader’s mind. Whether describing daily routines, traditions, or common behaviors, the word “wonted” adds a layer of nuance that enhances the overall meaning and impact of the sentence.

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