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WORLD FAMOUS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use World Famous

    Sentence with World Famous

    Have you ever wondered what makes certain places or people “world famous”? The term refers to individuals, locations, or events that have gained significant recognition and fame on a global scale. It signifies widespread acknowledgment and admiration for their exceptional qualities or achievements.

    When something is deemed “world famous,” it has transcended geographical boundaries and cultural differences to become universally known and celebrated. This recognition often results from unparalleled talent, unparalleled achievements, or unique characteristics that set it apart from others in its category.

    7 Examples Of World Famous Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • World famous cricketer Sachin Tendulkar played for India.
    • India’s Taj Mahal is a world famous monument.
    • Pizza is a world famous Italian dish.
    • Mickey Mouse is a world famous cartoon character.
    • The Eiffel Tower in Paris is world famous for its beauty.
    • The Great Wall of China is a world famous historic site.
    • Harry Potter is a world famous book series.

    14 Sentences with World Famous Examples

    • World famous for its ancient libraries and diverse cultural heritage, India is a popular destination for college students studying anthropology and history.
    • Many college students in India dream of visiting world famous landmarks such as the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort in Delhi.
    • Studying at a university known for its renowned professors and prestigious alumni can help students become world famous in their field.
    • Attending a world famous music festival like NH7 Weekender can be a great way for college students in India to unwind and enjoy live performances.
    • Participating in a world famous hackathon can provide college students with the opportunity to showcase their skills and network with industry professionals.
    • Exploring the vibrant street food scene in cities like Mumbai and Delhi can introduce college students to world famous dishes like chaat and dosa.
    • Joining a world famous sports club on campus can help college students in India stay active and improve their teamwork skills.
    • Attending a world famous film festival like the International Film Festival of India can inspire college students pursuing careers in cinema and media.
    • Interning at a world famous company like Google or Microsoft can provide college students in India with valuable work experience and networking opportunities.
    • Collaborating on a research project with a world famous scientist can be a defining moment for college students studying in fields like physics or biology.
    • Winning a world famous literary award can propel college students into the spotlight and establish them as rising stars in the writing community.
    • Taking part in a world famous dance competition can allow college students to showcase their talent and passion for performing arts.
    • Attending a seminar by a world famous motivational speaker can inspire college students to pursue their dreams and overcome challenges.
    • Joining a world famous debate society can help college students in India sharpen their communication skills and critical thinking abilities.
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    How To Use World Famous in Sentences?

    To use the term “World Famous” in a sentence, you can follow these simple guidelines to ensure it is being used correctly.

    First, identify the noun or noun phrase that you want to describe as “World Famous”. For example, “The World Famous Eiffel Tower.”

    Next, place the term “World Famous” directly in front of the noun or noun phrase. Remember to include a space between the term and the noun. For example, “The World Famous Eiffel Tower is a popular tourist attraction in Paris.”

    It is important to note that the term “World Famous” is used to describe something that is known or recognized by people all over the world. It signifies that the noun or noun phrase is widely celebrated or acknowledged for its significance, popularity, or excellence.

    Additionally, it is common to see the term “World Famous” used in advertising, promotional materials, and travel guides to attract attention and highlight the global appeal of a particular place, product, or person.

    In summary, to correctly use the term “World Famous” in a sentence, simply place it in front of the noun or noun phrase you want to describe, ensuring there is a space between the term and the noun. This will help convey the worldwide recognition and acclaim associated with the noun or noun phrase.


    In conclusion, sentences featuring world-famous landmarks, personalities, or brands help to bring familiarity and recognition to written content. These sentences create a sense of connection with the reader, who can easily visualize and relate to these universally known references. By incorporating world-famous elements into writing, authors can effectively enhance their message and make it more memorable and engaging for the audience.

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    Whether discussing the Eiffel Tower, Albert Einstein, or Coca Cola, utilizing these world-famous references can add depth and resonance to the text. Such sentences not only provide clarity and context but also evoke emotions and associations that resonate with readers on a global scale. Incorporating sentences with world-famous elements can thus serve as a powerful tool for writers to effectively communicate ideas and evoke the desired responses from their audience.