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WORRIED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Worried

    Sentence with Worried

    Do you find yourself feeling anxious or uneasy about a particular situation? That feeling of being uneasy or concerned about something is what we commonly refer to as being “worried.” Worried is an emotion that many people experience when they are unsure about a certain outcome or circumstance.

    It’s natural to feel worried from time to time, as it is our brain’s way of preparing us for potential challenges or threats. This feeling of concern can be triggered by various factors, such as uncertainty, fear of failure, or anticipating negative outcomes.

    7 Examples Of Worried Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Worried about your friend when they are sick.
    • Don’t be worried about making mistakes, just try your best.
    • Let’s talk to someone if we feel worried or scared.
    • Feeling worried is normal, but we can always find a solution.
    • It’s okay to feel worried, just remember to take deep breaths.
    • If you’re feeling worried, it’s important to share your feelings.
    • Remember, we can always find help when we’re feeling worried.
    Examples Of Worried Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Worried Examples

    • Worried about the upcoming exam, I spent the whole night cramming notes.
    • After receiving a low score on my last assignment, I felt worried about my overall performance in the course.
    • Worried that my project group wasn’t pulling their weight, I decided to take charge and organize a meeting.
    • As the deadline for the internship application approached, I grew increasingly worried about my chances of getting accepted.
    • Worried about my roommate’s health, I convinced them to go see a doctor.
    • Feeling worried about my financial situation, I started looking for part-time jobs.
    • Worried about falling behind in class, I reached out to my professor for extra help.
    • After losing my phone during a campus event, I was worried about my contacts and important information stored in it.
    • Realizing that I had missed important lectures, I became worried about my understanding of the subject.
    • Worried that my laptop might crash before submitting my assignment, I backed up all my work on a USB drive.
    • Worried about the lack of social activities on campus, I joined a club to meet new people.
    • When my group project members didn’t respond to my messages, I grew worried about completing the assignment on time.
    • Worried about my mental health, I sought counseling services available at the college.
    • Worried about the competitive job market, I started improving my resume and participating in skill-building workshops.
    Sentences with Worried Examples

    How To Use Worried in Sentences?

    Worried means feeling anxious or concerned about something. To use it in a sentence, you can start by identifying a situation that makes you feel uneasy or troubled.

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    For example, “I am worried about the upcoming exam because I haven’t had enough time to study.”

    Another way to use worried is by describing someone else’s feelings or expressing concern for them. For instance, “She looks worried about her sick pet, so I offered to help.”

    You can also express your own feelings of being worried in a more general way, such as “I always get worried when I have to speak in public.”

    How To Use Worried in Sentences

    Remember to always follow the main word worried with a context that explains why you or someone else is feeling anxious or concerned. This will help convey the meaning effectively in your sentence.

    In summary, using worried in a sentence is all about capturing the feeling of unease or concern in a specific situation. By providing context and examples, you can effectively communicate this emotion in your writing or conversation.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences containing the word “worried” convey a sense of unease or concern. These sentences illustrate various situations where worry is a prevalent emotion, whether it be about a loved one’s well-being, a forthcoming event, or personal uncertainties. From fretting about exams to being anxious about a job interview, the use of the word “worried” in sentences highlights the commonality of feeling apprehensive or troubled in daily life.

    By examining how “worried” is utilized in sentences, one can appreciate the nuanced emotions and concerns that people experience. It underscores the importance of addressing and managing worries to maintain peace of mind and emotional well-being. As such, understanding the context in which worry arises in sentences can lead to a deeper empathy for others and a greater awareness of the impact of stress on mental health.

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