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WRAITH in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wraith

    Sentence with Wraith

    Have you ever encountered a wraith but weren’t quite sure what it was? A wraith is a spectral entity or ghost often associated with lurking in the shadows or haunting particular places. In folklore and various cultures, wraiths are believed to be spirits of the deceased that have not found peace.

    These eerie beings are known for their haunting presence and ability to instill fear in those who encounter them. By understanding what a wraith is and its characteristics, one can better navigate encounters with these otherworldly entities.

    7 Examples Of Wraith Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Wraith is a spooky ghost.
    • I saw a wraith in my dream last night.
    • The wraith floated through the walls.
    • Be careful of the wraith in the haunted house.
    • The wraith disappeared into thin air.
    • Don’t be afraid of the wraith, it’s just pretend.
    • The wraith made spooky noises in the night.

    14 Sentences with Wraith Examples

    1. The legend of the wraith haunting the old library on campus spread among the college students.
    2. As they walked through the dimly lit corridor, they couldn’t shake off the feeling of a wraith following them.
    3. The students whispered stories of the wraith appearing during exam season, causing panic among the test-takers.
    4. Late at night, the sound of a wraith moving through the empty halls sent shivers down the spines of the college students.
    5. Some believed that the wraith was a former student who met a tragic end at the college many years ago.
    6. Brave students dared each other to spend a night in the supposedly haunted room, hoping to catch a glimpse of the wraith.
    7. The college folklore class discussed various interpretations of the wraith in different cultures and time periods.
    8. Despite the warnings, a group of adventurous students embarked on a mission to uncover the truth behind the wraith legend.
    9. The campus ghost stories often featured the wraith as a symbol of unresolved conflicts and unfulfilled desires.
    10. The paranormal club organized a ghost hunting expedition to capture evidence of the wraith‘s existence.
    11. The sighting of a mysterious shadow resembling a wraith near the campus graveyard sparked fear among the students.
    12. Some students claimed to have seen the wraith lurking near the abandoned building on the edge of the college campus.
    13. The tale of the wraith became a popular topic of discussion during late-night study sessions in the dormitories.
    14. Despite the rational explanations offered by professors, the belief in the wraith continued to be a part of campus lore for generations.
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    How To Use Wraith in Sentences?

    To use the word “Wraith” correctly in a sentence, follow these steps:

    1. Understand the Meaning: A wraith is a ghost-like or spirit-like image of a person, especially one seen shortly before or after their death. Keep this definition in mind when constructing your sentence.

    2. Placement: The word wraith can be used as either a noun or a verb in a sentence. As a noun, it refers to a ghost or a specter. As a verb, it means to be haunted or visited by a wraith.

    3. Sample Sentence: Here is an example of a sentence using the word wraith:

      • “As the clock struck midnight, a wraith appeared in the old abandoned mansion, sending chills down the spines of the brave explorers.”
    4. Variations: You can also use the word wraith in different contexts to create more diverse sentences. For example:

      • The haunted house was said to be haunted by the wraith of its former owner.
      • She felt a sense of unease as if the wraith of her past was following her.
    5. Practice: Try using the word wraith in various sentences to become more familiar with its usage and to enhance your vocabulary.

    Remember, practice makes perfect. By following these steps and practicing regularly, you will become more comfortable using the word wraith in your writing and conversations.


    In summary, the term “wraith” is often associated with ghostly figures or spirits, conveying a sense of haunting or supernatural presence. Throughout various examples, we have explored how this word is used in literature, descriptions of eerie phenomena, and depictions of spectral beings. From sentences depicting a wraith-like figure floating through a misty forest to a wraith’s icy touch sending shivers down one’s spine, the word evokes a chilling and otherworldly atmosphere.

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    Overall, sentences with “wraith” conjure images of mysterious and phantom-like entities, enhancing the mood of suspense and intrigue in storytelling. This word adds an element of the supernatural and mystique to the narrative, creating a sense of unease and fascination with the unknown.