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WRAPPER in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wrapper

    Sentence with Wrapper

    Ever wondered how a single word can completely change the meaning of a sentence? Let’s delve into the world of wrappers – a term often used in programming and linguistics to refer to a surrounding element that can alter the context of the content it encapsulates.

    In coding, a wrapper is a construct that encapsulates and contains another piece of code or data, providing additional functionality or context. These wrappers can manipulate the behavior of the encapsulated content without directly altering it, allowing for enhanced control and organization within a program.

    7 Examples Of Wrapper Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. I have a colorful wrapper for my pencil.
    2. My mom wraps my lunch in a shiny wrapper.
    3. I love to play with the wrapper after eating a chocolate.
    4. Can you help me open this wrapper for my candy?
    5. I keep my toys in a big wrapper to keep them safe.
    6. The teacher uses a clear wrapper to cover our books.
    7. Let’s recycle the wrapper from our snack bags.

    14 Sentences with Wrapper Examples

    • Make sure to dispose of your wrapper properly in the dustbin.
    • Don’t forget to remove the wrapper before trying to microwave your food.
    • Always check the ingredients list on the food wrapper for any allergens.
    • Reuse old gift wrappers for your textbooks to protect them from wear and tear.
    • Use a plastic wrapper to cover your notes during monsoon season to keep them dry.
    • Remember to carry a water bottle with a wrapper that insulates to keep your drink cold.
    • Wrap your fragile laboratory equipment in bubble wrapper before carrying them to class.
    • Bring your own cutlery to avoid using disposable plastic wrappers at the canteen.
    • Use a plastic wrapper to keep your headphones untangled in your backpack.
    • Organize your study materials with different colored wrappers for easy identification.
    • Repurpose a paper wrapper as a makeshift bookmark for your textbooks.
    • Store your chargers in a zippered wrapper to prevent them from getting tangled in your bag.
    • Keep a spare wrapper in your bag for sharing notes with your classmates.
    • Avoid distractions by keeping your phone in a pouch or wrapper during lectures.
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    How To Use Wrapper in Sentences?

    To use “Wrapper” in a sentence, first identify the main subject of your sentence. The wrapper is a noun that refers to something that goes around an object to protect it, hold it together, or make it look more attractive.

    Here is an example sentence using wrapper:

    • “She carefully removed the wrapper from the chocolate bar before taking a bite.”

    In this sentence, “wrapper” is used to describe the packaging around the chocolate bar. It specifies what the person removed before eating the chocolate.

    When using “Wrapper” in a sentence, make sure it is positioned correctly within the sentence to convey your intended meaning clearly. It can be placed at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence, depending on the context.

    Here are a few more examples of how to use “Wrapper” in sentences:

    • “I love the colorful wrappers on the candies.”
    • “The sandwich was wrapped in a wrapper to keep it fresh.”
    • “After opening the gift, she admired the beautiful wrapper before seeing what was inside.”

    By following these simple guidelines, you can effectively incorporate the word wrapper into your sentences and communicate your message clearly to your audience.


    In summary, a wrapper is a surrounding structure that encapsulates or contains something, serving to protect or enhance it. In programming, a wrapper function or class provides a simplified interface to more complex underlying code. For example, a JSON wrapper could simplify working with JSON data by providing convenient methods for parsing and serializing. Similarly, a sandwich wrapper keeps the ingredients together and protects the sandwich for easy consumption. Wrappers play a crucial role in various contexts by offering a convenient and organized way to handle or present information, functions, or objects.

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    Whether in coding, food packaging, or any other application, wrappers streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance user experience. By understanding the concept of wrappers and utilizing them effectively, one can simplify tasks and optimize workflows in a wide range of scenarios.