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WRETCHED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wretched

    Sentence with Wretched

    Have you ever come across the word “wretched” in a piece of writing and wondered what it means exactly? In essence, this term is used to describe something or someone in a state of misery, sorrow, or extreme unhappiness.

    When a situation is characterized as “wretched,” it suggests a sense of deep despair or distress. This word is often employed to vividly paint a picture of suffering, hardship, or a pitiful state of being. Through the context it is used in, “wretched” can evoke strong emotions and provide a stark portrayal of unfortunate circumstances.

    7 Examples Of Wretched Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I saw a wretched cat outside my house.
    • The old man looked wretched as he sat on the bench.
    • The little bird’s nest was in a wretched tree.
    • The dark clouds made the sky look wretched.
    • I felt wretched when I lost my favorite toy.
    • The broken toy looked wretched lying on the ground.
    • The lonely puppy looked wretched without its family.

    14 Sentences with Wretched Examples

    • College students in India often spend long hours studying in wretched library conditions.
    • The wretched cafeteria food is a common complaint among college students.
    • During exam season, students can feel the pressure building up, leading to a wretched state of mind.
    • Group projects can sometimes turn into wretched experiences with conflicting ideas and personalities.
    • Balancing a part-time job with college studies can sometimes lead to a feeling of wretched exhaustion.
    • The limited availability of resources in some colleges can make the learning experience feel wretched at times.
    • Dealing with unresponsive professors can be a wretched experience for college students trying to get answers to their questions.
    • Commuting long distances to college every day can leave students feeling wretched and drained.
    • Falling behind on assignments can result in a wretched feeling of anxiety and stress for college students.
    • Roommates who don’t respect boundaries can make living in college hostels a wretched experience.
    • Struggling to meet the high expectations of parents and professors can make college life feel wretched.
    • Coping with loneliness and homesickness can sometimes lead students to feel wretched and isolated.
    • Being judged based on grades alone can create a wretched sense of self-worth among some college students.
    • Feeling overwhelmed by the constant pressure to perform well in academics can lead to a wretched state of mind for college students.
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    How To Use Wretched in Sentences?

    To use the word Wretched in a sentence, it is important to understand its meaning and how it can be properly integrated into a sentence. Wretched is an adjective that describes something or someone as deeply afflicted, miserable, or unfortunate.

    Here are some examples of how to use the word Wretched in a sentence:

    1. The wretched state of the old, abandoned house made it uninhabitable.
    2. She felt wretched after hearing the news of her friend’s illness.
    3. The wretched conditions in the refugee camp were heartbreaking to witness.
    4. Despite his wretched circumstances, he never lost hope for a better future.
    5. The wretched smell coming from the dumpster made everyone cover their noses.

    When using the word Wretched, it is important to ensure that it fits contextually and conveys the intended meaning effectively. Additionally, consider the tone and atmosphere you want to create when incorporating Wretched into your sentence. Remember that wretched is a strong word that conveys a sense of extreme distress or unhappiness, so use it thoughtfully and appropriately in your writing or speech.


    In conclusion, sentences containing the word “wretched” convey a sense of misery, despair, or extreme unhappiness. They often describe situations, conditions, or emotions that are pitiful or unfortunate. The word “wretched” adds a strong negative connotation to the sentence, highlighting the depth of suffering or distress being experienced.

    Whether used to depict a wretched existence, a wretched fate, or a wretched state of mind, these sentences evoke sympathy or a feeling of discomfort in the reader. The word serves to emphasize the harsh realities or unbearable difficulties faced by individuals or situations. Overall, sentences with “wretched” effectively communicate a sense of profound unhappiness or misfortune.

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