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WRIT LARGE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Writ Large

    Sentence with Writ Large

    When something is “writ large,” it means that a particular characteristic or aspect is magnified or emphasized on a larger scale. This phrase is commonly used to highlight how a specific quality or pattern is more pronounced and noticeable in a broader context.

    Whether discussing societal trends, personal behaviors, or even historical events, the concept of something being “writ large” can provide valuable insights into understanding the bigger picture. By amplifying a particular aspect, this expression underscores the significance and impact of certain factors on a larger scale, making it easier to recognize patterns and draw meaningful conclusions.

    7 Examples Of Writ Large Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The sun is a big ball writ large in the sky.
    2. A tree grows tall and strong, writ large in the forest.
    3. A rainbow has many colors, writ large after the rain.
    4. The moon glows bright and white, writ large at night.
    5. A big elephant flaps its ears, writ large in the zoo.
    6. A blue whale swims in the ocean, writ large in the sea.
    7. A mountain stands high and mighty, writ large in the distance.

    14 Sentences with Writ Large Examples

    • In the syllabus, it is writ large that attendance is mandatory.
    • The importance of practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge is writ large in the engineering curriculum.
    • The consequences of plagiarism are writ large in the academic integrity policy.
    • The need for time management skills is writ large during exam season.
    • The benefits of extracurricular activities are writ large in the college newsletter.
    • The significance of networking for future career opportunities is writ large at college events.
    • The impact of mental health awareness is writ large on the counseling center’s posters.
    • The value of internships for gaining real-world experience is writ large in career guidance workshops.
    • The expectation for professional behavior in the workplace is writ large in internship guidelines.
    • The advantages of participating in seminars and workshops are writ large in the academic calendar.
    • The role of critical thinking in problem-solving is writ large in the curriculum of management courses.
    • The emphasis on research skills is writ large in the requirements for thesis writing.
    • The significance of communication skills for effective presentations is writ large in the grading rubric.
    • The importance of attending guest lectures by industry experts is writ large in the academic calendar.
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    How To Use Writ Large in Sentences?

    To use Writ Large in a sentence, it is important to understand its meaning and how it can be applied correctly. Writ Large means to emphasize or highlight something in a noticeable or impactful way.

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Writ Large in a sentence:

    1. Choose the idea, concept, or object that you want to emphasize in your sentence. This could be a key point, a central theme, or an important detail.

    2. Position the word or phrase that you want to Writ Large at a strategic location in your sentence. Typically, you want to place it at the beginning or end of the sentence for maximum impact.

    3. Use bold formatting to highlight the word or phrase that you want to Writ Large. This will make it stand out and draw the reader’s attention to it.

    4. Consider the context of your sentence and ensure that the word or phrase you are emphasizing aligns with the overall message or tone you are trying to convey.

    5. Read your sentence aloud to see if the Writ Large word or phrase effectively captures the emphasis you are aiming for. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure clarity and impact.

    By following these steps, you can effectively use Writ Large in a sentence to emphasize important points and enhance the overall clarity and impact of your writing.


    In conclusion, the phrase “writ large” is often used to emphasize the broad implications or significance of something on a large scale. It is commonly found in discussions or analyses that highlight how a particular characteristic, trend, or issue symbolizes a broader pattern or truth. By examining sentences with “writ large,” we can see how this expression effectively conveys the idea that a specific example serves as a representation of a larger phenomenon.

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    Through the examples provided, we can observe how “writ large” is employed to underscore the far-reaching impact or implications of a given situation or concept. Whether discussing societal trends, individual behavior, or historical events, this phrase succinctly captures the notion that something is emblematic of a larger reality. As a result, “writ large” serves as a useful tool for emphasizing the significance and scope of a particular subject matter.