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YELLED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Yelled

    Sentence with Yelled

    Do you know what it means to “yell”? Yelling refers to raising one’s voice in a loud and forceful manner, often in a show of strong emotion or to be heard over a greater distance.

    When someone yells, they project their voice at a heightened volume, typically to convey anger, frustration, excitement, or urgency. This form of vocal expression can be used in various situations to command attention, express emotions, or convey a message with intensity.

    7 Examples Of Yelled Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Yelled the teacher when the students were too noisy.
    • My mom yelled at me to come home for dinner.
    • The lion yelled loudly in the jungle.
    • I accidentally yelled out the wrong answer in class.
    • The baby yelled for its mother to pick it up.
    • The coach yelled instructions to the players during the game.
    • The angry bird yelled at the mischievous monkey.

    14 Sentences with Yelled Examples

    • Yelled at the bewildered rickshaw driver to stop near the college gate.
    • Amid the chaos, yelled to catch the attention of the librarian to issue a book at the last minute.
    • Yelled for help when stuck in a long queue at the college canteen.
    • Angrily yelled at the printer for malfunctioning right before the project submission deadline.
    • Yelled with excitement upon spotting a famous celebrity on the college campus.
    • In frustration, yelled at the slow internet connection while trying to submit an assignment online.
    • Yelled at a stubborn professor to reconsider the grades for an unfairly graded exam.
    • In a hurry, yelled to a friend across the corridor to remind them about an upcoming exam.
    • Yelled in joy when the last-minute study session paid off with a good test score.
    • In a heated debate, yelled to make a point during a college club meeting.
    • Yelled out answers during a high-stress quiz competition with other college teams.
    • Yelled out words of encouragement during a sports event to cheer on the college team.
    • Yelled for silence in the crowded lecture hall to hear an important announcement.
    • Yelled with frustration when the projector did not work during a class presentation.
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    How To Use Yelled in Sentences?

    Yelled is a verb that is used to describe the action of speaking or shouting loudly in order to express emotions like anger, excitement, or happiness.

    When using yelled in a sentence, it is important to remember to include the subject who is doing the shouting or speaking loudly. For example, “She yelled at the top of her lungs to get the attention of her friend.”

    Another important aspect to consider when using yelled in a sentence is the tone of voice being conveyed. Depending on the context, the word yelled may indicate anger, urgency, excitement, or simply a need to be heard.

    Here are a few examples of how to use yelled in a sentence:

    1. “The coach yelled instructions to the players on the field.”
    2. “He yelled in frustration after missing the bus.”
    3. “The crowd yelled in delight as the team scored a goal.”

    Remember to always use yelled appropriately in a sentence to accurately convey the intensity and emotion behind the loud speaking or shouting. Practicing using yelled in different contexts will help you become more comfortable with incorporating it into your everyday language.


    In conclusion, the use of yelled sentences can convey strong emotions and urgency in writing. Whether expressing anger, excitement, or fear, yelled sentences can effectively grab the reader’s attention and emphasize a character’s state of mind. By incorporating these types of sentences sparingly and strategically within a narrative or dialogue, writers can add intensity and realism to their storytelling.

    Moreover, yelled sentences can create a sense of drama and tension, enhancing the impact of key moments within a piece of writing. They serve as powerful tools for conveying heightened emotions and generating suspense, leaving a lasting impression on the reader. When used skillfully, yelled sentences can elevate the overall quality of a story by injecting energy and passion into the narrative.

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