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YELLOW STREAK in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Yellow Streak

    Sentence with Yellow Streak

    Have you ever met someone with a yellow streak? No, I’m not talking about colorful hair highlights, but rather a figurative term for a person who is cowardly or lacking courage. This expression stems from the idea of yellow being associated with cowardice.

    In everyday conversation, you might hear someone use the phrase “yellow streak” to describe a person who shies away from challenges or difficult situations. It can be a playful or teasing way to point out someone’s reluctance to take risks or stand up for themselves.

    7 Examples Of Yellow Streak Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The yellow streak of sunshine brightens up the day.
    2. The little bird had a yellow streak on its wing.
    3. The butterfly had a beautiful yellow streak on its back.
    4. The banana had a long yellow streak on its peel.
    5. The school bus had a big yellow streak down its side.
    6. The flower had a pretty yellow streak in the middle.
    7. The pencil had a thin yellow streak running along its side.

    14 Sentences with Yellow Streak Examples

    1. Yellow streak is a common sight during Holi celebrations in India.
    2. It is said that having a yellow streak on your exam paper brings good luck to students in India.
    3. College students in India often wear clothes with a yellow streak during sports events.
    4. The flowers with a yellow streak are considered auspicious for decorating college events in India.
    5. Painting a room with a yellow streak can add a pop of color to your college dorm.
    6. The highlighter with a yellow streak is perfect for marking important points in your study notes.
    7. A notebook with a yellow streak cover is trendy among college students for the new academic year.
    8. The Bollywood movie showcased a dance sequence filled with dancers wearing costumes with a yellow streak.
    9. The college canteen introduced a special drink called “The Yellow Streak” that became popular among students.
    10. Wearing a t-shirt with a prominent yellow streak makes a fashion statement on campus.
    11. The cultural fest decorations included vibrant banners with a bold yellow streak design.
    12. The college mascot costume had a distinctive yellow streak running down its back.
    13. During the annual fest, students showcased their creativity through art installations featuring the theme of yellow streak.
    14. The student union organized a rally with protestors wearing masks symbolizing a yellow streak across their faces.
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    How To Use Yellow Streak in Sentences?

    Yellow streak can be used in a sentence to describe someone who has a particular characteristic or behavior that is consistent or recurring. For example, you could say, “John has a yellow streak when it comes to taking risks. He always plays it safe.” In this context, yellow streak implies that John is cautious or fearful in certain situations.

    To use yellow streak in a sentence effectively, consider the following tips:

    • Identify the specific characteristic or behavior you want to convey. Is it related to fear, caution, or hesitation?
    • Place yellow streak before the main verb in your sentence to emphasize the trait you are describing.
    • Provide context or examples to help clarify the meaning of yellow streak in your sentence.
    • Avoid using yellow streak in a derogatory or offensive manner, as it can be seen as disrespectful or insensitive.

    Remember, using yellow streak in a sentence is a way to communicate a particular personality trait or behavior. By following these guidelines and practicing with different sentences, you can become more comfortable incorporating yellow streak into your vocabulary.


    In conclusion, sentences with yellow streak refer to phrases or statements that contain a distinctive mark or feature that sets them apart. These sentences may have a unique quality that differentiates them from others, like a yellow streak stands out against a darker background. When identifying sentences with yellow streak, it is important to recognize the defining characteristic or exceptional attribute that sets them apart from the rest.

    Analyzing sentences with yellow streak can help enhance clarity and understanding in communication. By pinpointing these distinct features within sentences, one can improve comprehension and focus on key points. Paying attention to sentences with a yellow streak can lead to better interpretation, more effective communication, and a deeper appreciation for the nuances of language.

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