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YOURSELVES in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Yourselves

    Sentence with Yourselves

    Have you ever come across a sentence that includes the word “yourselves” and wondered about its proper usage? Let’s delve into understanding how to correctly use this reflexive pronoun in sentences.

    “Yourselves” is a reflexive pronoun that is used to refer to the people you are speaking to or a group of people that includes the listener. It is a way to emphasize that the action in the sentence is directed back at the same group of people.

    7 Examples Of Yourselves Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Brush your teeth, yourselves.
    2. Tie your shoelaces, yourselves.
    3. Wash your hands, yourselves.
    4. Share your toys with each other, yourselves.
    5. Pick up your toys, yourselves.
    6. Say sorry when you make a mistake, yourselves.
    7. Help each other, yourselves.

    14 Sentences with Yourselves Examples

    • Make sure to take breaks and give yourselves time to relax during exam season.
    • Remember to take care of yourselves by eating healthy and staying hydrated.
    • Don’t forget to set goals for yourselves and track your progress throughout the semester.
    • It’s important to surround yourselves with supportive friends and classmates in college.
    • Make use of the resources available on campus to help yourselves succeed academically.
    • Take the time to explore new interests and hobbies to understand yourselves better.
    • Keep yourselves organized by using planners or apps to manage your schedule and assignments.
    • Hold yourselves accountable for attending classes and completing assignments on time.
    • Find ways to challenge yourselves intellectually by participating in debates or discussions.
    • Collaborate with yourselves peers on group projects to enhance your teamwork skills.
    • Don’t be too hard on yourselves if you make mistakes, learn from them and move forward.
    • Seek help or guidance from professors or counselors if yourselves are feeling overwhelmed.
    • Take time to reflect on yourselves personal growth and development during your college journey.
    • Push yourselves out of yourselves comfort zone by trying new things and taking risks.
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    How To Use Yourselves in Sentences?

    Yourselves is a reflexive pronoun that refers to a group of people as the object of a verb or preposition and emphasizes that the action is directed back to the same group of people.

    To use yourselves in a sentence, simply follow these steps:

    1. Identify when you want to refer to a group of people as the object of the verb or preposition.
    2. Use yourselves when the action performed by the group is directed back to the same group. For example, “You should yourselves be proud of your achievements.”
    3. Ensure that yourselves is placed correctly in the sentence. It usually comes after the verb or preposition. For example, “You will need to pace yourselves during the marathon.”
    4. Remember that yourselves is only used when referring to the group you are a part of. If you are referring to another group, you would use “themselves” or “ourselves” depending on the context.
    5. Practice using yourselves in sentences to become more comfortable with its usage.

    By following these steps and practicing regularly, you will soon become proficient in using yourselves correctly in sentences.


    In conclusion, using sentences with “yourselves” adds a personal touch to communication by emphasizing individual responsibility or self-reflection. This pronoun prompts individuals to consider their own actions, choices, and impact, fostering self-awareness and empowerment. Here are a few examples of sentences that showcase the usage of “yourselves”: “Take a moment to reflect on yourselves and what you can do to improve.” “It’s important to prioritize yourselves and your well-being.” “Challenge yourselves to step out of your comfort zone and grow.”

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    By incorporating “yourselves” in sentences, individuals can prompt introspection, accountability, and self-improvement. This pronoun encourages individuals to focus on their own personal growth, development, and mindset, ultimately leading to a more proactive and mindful approach to their actions and interactions.