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A GREAT DEAL in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use A Great Deal

    sentence with A Great Deal

    Are you looking to enhance your English writing skills? Understanding different sentence structures, such as using “a great deal,” can greatly improve the quality of your writing.

    “A great deal” is a versatile phrase that indicates a large amount, extent, or degree of something. It can be used in various contexts to emphasize the significance or magnitude of a particular situation or concept. With proper usage, this phrase can add depth and clarity to your writing.

    7 Examples Of A Great Deal Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • A great deal of fun can be had playing with colorful blocks.
    • We can learn a great deal by looking at pictures in our storybooks.
    • Sharing with our friends can bring us a great deal of happiness.
    • We should listen to our teachers because they know a great deal of things.
    • Eating fruits and vegetables can give us a great deal of energy.
    • We can make a great deal of new friends by being kind to others.
    • Reading books can help us learn a great deal about the world around us.

    14 Sentences with A Great Deal Examples

    • A great deal of effort is required to excel in exams.
    • A great deal of time management skills is crucial for balancing studies and extracurricular activities.
    • A great deal of research is needed before selecting the right internship.
    • A great deal of networking can open up job opportunities.
    • A great deal of practice is necessary to improve your coding skills.
    • A great deal of focus is required to complete assignments before deadlines.
    • A great deal of communication skills are important for group projects.
    • A great deal of patience is needed when dealing with difficult professors.
    • A great deal of planning is essential when organizing college events.
    • A great deal of budgeting is necessary to manage expenses as a student.
    • A great deal of adaptability is crucial when adjusting to a new campus environment.
    • A great deal of creativity is required when working on art projects or presentations.
    • A great deal of discipline is important to avoid procrastination.
    • A great deal of teamwork is necessary to successfully complete group projects.
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    How To Use A Great Deal in Sentences?

    A Great Deal can be used in a sentence to indicate a large amount or extent of something. Beginners can use this phrase to express when something is significant, substantial, or very important.

    For example, “I got a great deal of work done today” implies that a lot of work was accomplished. Or, “She saved a great deal of money by shopping during the sale” conveys that a considerable amount of money was saved.

    When using a great deal in a sentence, it is important to consider the context and choose words that accurately convey the extent of the quantity or importance being described. This phrase can be a versatile way to emphasize the magnitude of something in a clear and concise manner.

    To make your sentence even more impactful, you can use adverbs such as “really,” “quite,” or “truly” before a great deal. For instance, “He was a really great deal of help in preparing for the presentation” emphasizes the substantial amount of assistance provided.

    Overall, utilizing a great deal in your sentences can help you express the idea of abundance, significance, or importance effectively. Experiment with incorporating this phrase into your communication to convey a strong sense of quantity or importance.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with a great deal illustrate the extensive amount or significance of something being discussed. Whether referring to a substantial discount, a high level of effort put into a task, or a deep emotional impact, the phrase “a great deal” emphasizes the magnitude or importance of the subject at hand. It serves as a versatile expression that can be used to convey the scale, intensity, or value of various situations or circumstances.

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    By recognizing the different contexts in which sentences with a great deal are used, individuals can better understand the weight or extent of the information being conveyed. This simple phrase enhances communication by emphasizing the degree of impact, involvement, or magnitude associated with a particular topic, helping to clarify and emphasize key points in discussions or written texts.