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ABASHED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abashed

    sentence with Abashed

    Have you ever felt embarrassed or humiliated in a situation that left you feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable? This feeling of embarrassment and shame is what we commonly refer to as being “abashed.”

    When someone is abashed, they are typically feeling embarrassed or ashamed due to a mistake or a situation that has made them feel self-conscious. This emotion often leads to a sense of discomfort and awkwardness, causing the individual to want to retreat or hide from the spotlight.

    7 Examples Of Abashed Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. When the teacher asked a question, he felt abashed and didn’t know the answer.
    2. She was abashed when she realized she forgot to bring her pencil to class.
    3. He looked down, feeling abashed, after accidentally spilling his water bottle.
    4. She felt abashed when she tripped and dropped her books in front of her friends.
    5. He turned red and felt abashed when he couldn’t finish his math homework.
    6. She whispered softly, feeling abashed, after speaking out of turn in class.
    7. He was abashed when he couldn’t remember his friend’s name during the game.

    14 Sentences with Abashed Examples

    1. Abashed by her low test score, Priya sought help from her classmates to improve her grades.
    2. During the debate competition, Ravi felt abashed when he stumbled over his words in front of the audience.
    3. Abashed by his lack of preparation for the presentation, Rohan apologized to his professor and asked for an extension.
    4. Aarthi felt abashed when she realized she was the only one who had not completed the assignment on time.
    5. The professor’s criticism of his research left Akhil feeling abashed in front of his classmates.
    6. Abashed by his poor performance in the mock interview, Arjun decided to enroll in a career counseling workshop.
    7. Shruti was abashed when she forgot to bring her textbook to the class and had to borrow it from a friend.
    8. After receiving a lower grade than expected, Sanjana felt abashed and vowed to study harder for the next exam.
    9. Abashed by her lack of understanding of the topic, Meera shyly raised her hand to ask the professor for clarification.
    10. Rohit was abashed when he realized he had mispronounced a crucial term during his presentation in front of the entire class.
    11. Priyanka felt abashed when her phone rang loudly in the silent library during an important study session.
    12. Abashed by his awkward dance moves at the college fest, Karan laughed it off and joined his friends on the dance floor.
    13. Nisha turned abashed when her professor pointed out a mistake in her thesis during a class discussion.
    14. Harish felt abashed when he got caught copying his friend’s assignment and had to face the consequences set by the professor.
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    How To Use Abashed in Sentences?

    To use the word “Abashed” in a sentence, you must first understand its meaning. Abashed is an adjective that describes a feeling of embarrassment or shame due to a particular action or situation.

    Here is an example sentence using abashed:
    – “She felt abashed when she realized she had forgotten her friend’s birthday.”

    When constructing a sentence with abashed, make sure to place it before the verb or at the end of the sentence for proper grammar. It is important to use abashed in a context where someone is feeling embarrassed or ashamed about something they did or experienced.

    Remember, abashed is used to express feelings of discomfort or awkwardness, so be mindful of the tone you are trying to convey in your sentence.

    In summary, to use the word abashed effectively in a sentence, follow these steps:
    1. Understand the meaning of abashed as a feeling of embarrassment or shame.
    2. Place abashed before the verb or at the end of the sentence.
    3. Use abashed in a context where someone is feeling embarrassed or ashamed.
    4. Pay attention to the tone of your sentence when using abashed.

    Keep practicing with abashed in various sentences to become more comfortable incorporating it into your vocabulary.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with the keyword “abashed” showcase a common theme of feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or remorseful. Through these examples, we see how individuals can be rendered speechless, self-conscious, or uncomfortable due to a particularly awkward or humiliating situation. The word “abashed” effectively captures this sense of unease and social discomfort, painting a vivid picture of emotional vulnerability and self-consciousness in various contexts.

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    By examining the diverse ways in which “abashed” is used in sentences, we gain insight into the nuances of human emotions and experiences. This word serves as a powerful descriptor for moments of embarrassment and self-doubt, highlighting the universal nature of feeling abashed in certain situations. In essence, the examples provided underscore the impact that such emotions can have on individuals, emphasizing the significance of empathy and understanding in navigating moments of vulnerability and discomfort.