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ABLE BODIED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Able Bodied

    sentence with Able Bodied

    Have you ever heard the term “able-bodied” but weren’t exactly sure what it meant? In simple terms, being able-bodied refers to having a physical or mental condition that allows a person to move freely and perform daily tasks without difficulty.

    This term is usually used to distinguish individuals who do not have any impairments or physical limitations from those who may have disabilities or challenges affecting their mobility or functionality. Understanding the concept of able-bodied can help foster inclusivity and awareness of different abilities in society.

    7 Examples Of Able Bodied Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Able bodied people can run and jump.
    • I am able bodied and can play sports.
    • Let’s help our able bodied friends climb the stairs.
    • It’s important to include able bodied friends in games.
    • Our able bodied friends can ride bicycles.
    • Let’s remember to play together with our able bodied friends.
    • We should always be kind to our able bodied classmates.

    14 Sentences with Able Bodied Examples

    • Able bodied students are encouraged to participate in campus sports events.
    • It is important for able bodied students to assist classmates with disabilities whenever possible.
    • The university library has designated study areas for able bodied students.
    • Able bodied students should always be mindful of those with mobility challenges in crowded areas.
    • Able bodied students are expected to follow safety protocols during campus activities.
    • The college gym offers various fitness classes for able bodied students.
    • Able bodied students are required to attend mandatory fire drill exercises.
    • The college provides accessible transportation options for able bodied students.
    • Able bodied students can volunteer to help organize campus events and activities.
    • The university offers counseling services for able bodied students facing academic or personal challenges.
    • Campus clubs and groups welcome able bodied students to join and contribute to the community.
    • The college encourages able bodied students to participate in community service projects.
    • Able bodied students can organize fundraising events for charitable causes on campus.
    • The university cafeteria has designated seating areas for able bodied students.
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    How To Use Able Bodied in Sentences?

    To use the term “Able Bodied” correctly in a sentence, it is important to understand its meaning. The term “Able Bodied” is used to describe someone who is physically fit and capable of performing various tasks or activities.

    Here is an example of how to use “Able Bodied” in a sentence: “The hiking trail is suitable for both experienced hikers and able-bodied individuals.”

    In this sentence, “able-bodied” is used to indicate that the trail is suitable for individuals who are physically fit and able to hike without difficulty. It is important to note that “Able Bodied” is typically used to describe physical ability rather than other attributes.

    When incorporating “Able Bodied” into a sentence, it is important to ensure that it is used appropriately and does not come across as discriminatory or offensive. It is always best to consider the context in which the term is being used and to use it in a respectful and accurate manner.

    In conclusion, using “Able Bodied” in a sentence is a simple way to describe someone who is physically fit and capable. By following these guidelines and considering the context of the sentence, you can effectively incorporate this term into your vocabulary.


    In conclusion, the term “able-bodied” is used to describe individuals who are physically fit and capable of performing various tasks without restrictions. Examples of sentences with “able-bodied” include “The job requires an able-bodied person to lift heavy objects” and “The program is open to all able-bodied participants.” This term is often used to highlight the physical capabilities of a person, emphasizing their capacity to engage in activities that may require strength, mobility, or endurance.

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    Overall, “able-bodied” serves as a descriptor to indicate the physical competence of an individual and is commonly used in contexts where physical capabilities are important. By using this term, individuals can effectively convey the idea that a person is physically capable and able to take on certain tasks or responsibilities that may require strength and flexibility.