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ABOMINATE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abominate

    sentence with Abominate

    Have you ever encountered a word that made you cringe just by hearing it? Well, “abominate” is one of those words that has the power to evoke strong feelings of disgust or hatred. This verb means to loathe intensely or to detest greatly.

    When something or someone is described as being abominated, it signifies a deep-seated feeling of revulsion or repugnance. The intensity of this word surpasses mere dislike and conveys a profound aversion towards the object or individual being discussed.

    7 Examples Of Abominate Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I abominate eating brinjal.
    • My friend abominates spiders.
    • We all abominate stepping on thorns.
    • She abominates waking up early.
    • Let’s all abominate littering the playground.
    • He abominates wearing shoes that pinch.
    • The students abominate being late for school.

    14 Sentences with Abominate Examples

    1. Many college students abominate waking up early for their 8 am classes.
    2. Some students abominate group projects due to the lack of coordination among team members.
    3. Students often abominate dealing with unresponsive professors when they have doubts.
    4. The majority of students abominate taking exams without proper time to prepare.
    5. Students abominate being assigned extra workload right before submission deadlines.
    6. A lot of college students abominate attending boring lectures without any interactive elements.
    7. Many students abominate the cafeteria food and prefer to eat outside the campus.
    8. Some students abominate the strict enforcement of dress codes in college.
    9. Students often abominate the long queues at the library during exam season.
    10. Many students abominate having to choose between attending cultural events or studying for exams.
    11. Students abominate the lack of transparency in grading criteria for assignments.
    12. Some students abominate the limited parking spaces available on campus.
    13. College students abominate the constant pressure to secure high grades for placements.
    14. Students abominate the frequent change in schedules by professors without prior notice.
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    How To Use Abominate in Sentences?

    To Abominate means to detest or hate something intensely. When using this word in a sentence, make sure to express strong emotions of disgust or hatred towards the subject.

    To begin, identify what you intensely dislike or abhor. For example, you can say, “I abominate the smell of durian fruit.” In this sentence, the focus is on the strong negative feeling towards the scent of durian fruit.

    When constructing a sentence with Abominate, it is crucial to make the sentiment clear and assertive. Avoid using vague language or downplaying your feelings. For instance, instead of saying, “I don’t really like spiders,” you can say, “I abominate spiders.” This conveys a much more powerful and definitive sentiment.

    Remember to use Abominate appropriately in the context of the sentence. It is a strong word that should be reserved for feelings of extreme aversion or repugnance. Utilize this word when you want to emphasize your intense dislike for something.

    In summary, when incorporating Abominate in a sentence, ensure that your wording reflects strong feelings of hatred or disgust towards the subject. By following these guidelines, you can effectively convey your strong aversion towards something you detest.


    In conclusion, the word “abominate” is used to express strong feelings of hatred or disgust towards something or someone. This term is typically reserved for extreme aversion or detestation, conveying a sense of intense contempt or revulsion. For example, “She abominates cruelty towards animals” illustrates a powerful disdain for such behavior.

    From sentences like “I abominate his dishonesty” to “They abominate the sight of blood,” the word “abominate” is utilized to convey deep-seated repugnance or abhorrence. Through these examples, it is evident that “abominate” serves as a potent descriptor for intense feelings of loathing or repulsion towards specific actions, traits, or individuals.

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