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ABOVE WATER in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Above Water

    sentence with Above Water

    Ever heard the phrase “keeping your head above water”? In simple terms, it means managing to stay afloat or survive despite facing challenges. When someone is “above water,” it means they are still managing to cope with a difficult situation, even though it may be overwhelming.

    Imagine a swimmer struggling to keep their head above water in a rough sea – that’s the essence of this common expression. In everyday life, staying “above water” often refers to maintaining control or stability in the face of adversity, just like that swimmer fighting against the waves.

    7 Examples Of Above Water Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The fish swims above water.
    2. The duck floats above water.
    3. The boat sails above water.
    4. The leaves float above water.
    5. The frog sits above water.
    6. The turtle swims above water.
    7. The bird soars above water.

    14 Sentences with Above Water Examples

    • Above water, it’s important for college students in India to prioritize their mental health and well-being.
    • As the semester gets busier, it can be challenging to stay above water with assignments and deadlines.
    • Finding a good study-life balance can help students stay above water during their academic journey.
    • Above water, students should remember to take breaks and practice self-care regularly.
    • Juggling multiple responsibilities can make it hard for students to keep their heads above water.
    • It’s crucial for college students to seek support when they feel like they’re struggling to stay above water.
    • Engaging in extracurricular activities can help students stay motivated and above water academically.
    • Setting realistic goals can prevent students from feeling overwhelmed and help them stay above water.
    • Developing good time management skills is essential for staying above water in college.
    • Connecting with peers who share similar experiences can make it easier to navigate the challenges of staying above water.
    • Planning ahead can prevent students from feeling like they’re constantly trying to stay above water.
    • Taking small steps every day can help students stay above water and prevent burnout.
    • Seeking feedback from professors can help students stay above water in their classes.
    • Seeking out resources like counseling services can provide students with the support they need to stay above water.
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    How To Use Above Water in Sentences?

    To properly use Above Water in a sentence, begin by identifying a situation where this phrase can accurately convey the idea of something staying afloat or surviving despite challenges. For example, “Despite facing financial hardships, Jane managed to keep her business above water by cutting costs and increasing sales.”

    When using Above Water, it is crucial to make sure that the context clearly indicates a struggle or challenge that the subject is overcoming. This phrase is often applied in financial, emotional, or other difficult situations where resilience and resourcefulness are required to stay afloat.

    To use Above Water effectively, consider the following tips:

    1. Use it when describing a challenging situation where someone or something is managing to survive or succeed despite difficulties.
    2. Ensure that the context of the sentence supports the use of this phrase to convey resilience.
    3. Avoid using Above Water in situations where it may not be appropriate, such as when discussing unrelated topics or situations.

    By following these guidelines, you can confidently use Above Water in your writing to express the idea of overcoming obstacles and staying afloat in difficult circumstances.


    In conclusion, the phrase “above water” is commonly used to describe situations where something is floating on or supported by the surface of water, or when something or someone is able to stay out of danger or remain solvent in challenging circumstances. An example of this is when a boat stays above water, demonstrating its ability to float and remain afloat. Similarly, a person or business that manages to stay above water during financial difficulties is able to navigate the challenges and remain solvent.

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    Overall, “above water” serves as a metaphor for maintaining stability and avoiding danger. Whether it pertains to physical objects floating on water or individuals and organizations overcoming adversity, this phrase encapsulates the notion of staying afloat and surviving difficult situations.