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ABRASION in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abrasion

    sentence with Abrasion

    Have you ever experienced a rough or scraping sensation on your skin after a fall? That is called an abrasion, a common type of injury resulting from friction against the skin’s surface.

    Abrasions, also known as scrapes or road rash, occur when the outer layer of the skin is scraped or worn away due to contact with a rough surface. This type of injury can range from mild to severe, depending on the depth and size of the abrasion.

    7 Examples Of Abrasion Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Be careful while playing on the ground to avoid abrasion.
    • If you fall down, you might get an abrasion on your knee.
    • Abrasions can happen when you slide on a rough surface.
    • Make sure to wash your abrasion with soap and water to keep it clean.
    • It’s important to cover your abrasion with a bandage to protect it.
    • Abrasions can hurt a little bit, but they will get better with time.
    • Remember to be gentle and careful to prevent abrasions on your skin.

    14 Sentences with Abrasion Examples

    1. Abrasion on the skin can occur when playing outdoor sports like football or cricket.
    2. It is important to clean and treat any abrasion to prevent infection.
    3. Wearing protective gear like knee pads can help prevent abrasions while riding a scooter or bike.
    4. Walking long distances in new shoes can cause abrasions on the feet.
    5. Using a rough notebook cover can lead to abrasions on the hands while studying.
    6. During practical sessions in the laboratory, be cautious to avoid any abrasions from chemicals or equipment.
    7. Participating in sports like basketball may increase the risk of abrasions due to contact with the playing surface.
    8. The friction from carrying heavy bags can lead to abrasions on the shoulders and back.
    9. Abrasions from rough edges of books can be avoided by handling them carefully.
    10. Mopping floors without proper footwear can result in abrasions on the feet.
    11. When working on group projects, be mindful of any abrasions that may occur from handling materials together.
    12. Using harsh chemicals without gloves can cause abrasions on the hands.
    13. A proper warm-up before exercise can help reduce the risk of abrasions on muscles.
    14. Be cautious while handling sharp objects in the art studio to prevent abrasions on the hands.
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    How To Use Abrasion in Sentences?

    Abrasion is a noun that refers to the process of wearing something down by friction. Here’s a guide on how to use abrasion in a sentence:

    • When writing a sentence with abrasion, remember to place the word appropriately within the sentence. For example, “The abrasion on his knee from falling off his bike was painful.”

    • Abrasion can be used in various contexts such as describing physical injuries, erosion, or even emotional wear and tear. For instance, “The abrasion of constant criticism left her feeling defeated.”

    • It can also be used metaphorically to describe the gradual wearing away of something. As in, “The abrasion of time can cause memories to fade.”

    • In scientific contexts, abrasion can refer to the process by which rocks are eroded. For example: “The river’s powerful currents caused abrasion along the rocky banks.”

    • Make sure to pay attention to the context of the sentence when using abrasion to ensure it conveys the intended meaning clearly to the reader.

    By following these guidelines, you can effectively incorporate abrasion into your writing to enhance the clarity and depth of your expressions.


    In conclusion, abrasion is the process of wearing down or scratching a surface through friction or rubbing. It can cause damage to various materials, including metals, rocks, and even human skin. For example, sandpaper is often used to create abrasion on wood to smooth its surface. Similarly, the skin can experience abrasion from rough surfaces or repetitive motion, leading to irritation or injury.

    Understanding the concept of abrasion is important in various industries, such as manufacturing, dentistry, and skincare, where the effects of friction on surfaces must be carefully managed. By recognizing the potential impact of abrasion, appropriate measures can be taken to protect surfaces and prevent damage, ensuring longevity and functionality.

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