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ABREAST in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abreast

    sentence with Abreast

    When someone is abreast of a situation, they are fully informed or up to date on the latest developments. This phrase conveys the idea of being knowledgeable and aware of what is happening, allowing individuals to make informed decisions and contribute effectively to discussions or plans.

    Staying abreast of current events, trends, or changes in a particular field is essential for staying competitive and relevant. Whether it’s in the workplace, social circles, or personal matters, being abreast provides individuals with the knowledge and context needed to navigate various situations confidently and skillfully.

    7 Examples Of Abreast Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • We walked abreast along the path.
    • Let’s stand abreast in a line.
    • The ducks were swimming abreast in the pond.
    • The children sat abreast on the bench.
    • The flowers grew abreast of each other in the garden.
    • The team ran abreast during the race.
    • The birds flew abreast in the sky.

    14 Sentences with Abreast Examples

    1. Make sure to stay abreast of important deadlines for submitting assignments.
    2. It’s crucial to remain abreast of the latest developments in your field of study.
    3. Joining student groups can help you stay abreast of campus events and activities.
    4. Create a study schedule to help you stay abreast of your coursework.
    5. Attend seminars and workshops to stay abreast of industry trends and advancements.
    6. Utilize online resources to stay abreast of academic research and journals.
    7. Collaborate with classmates to stay abreast of different perspectives on a subject.
    8. Take advantage of internships and placements to stay abreast of real-world applications of your studies.
    9. Visit the career center to stay abreast of job opportunities and resume-building tips.
    10. Use social media platforms to stay abreast of campus news and announcements.
    11. Volunteer for extracurricular activities to stay abreast of community engagement opportunities.
    12. Sign up for newsletters and mailing lists to stay abreast of academic conferences and workshops.
    13. Consider enrolling in online courses to stay abreast of new technologies and skills.
    14. Engage in peer discussions to stay abreast of different study techniques and strategies.
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    How To Use Abreast in Sentences?

    To use the word Abreast in a sentence, consider the following tips for beginners:

    1. Meaning: The word “abreast” is an adverb that means to stay up to date or remain informed about something. It can also refer to being side by side with someone or something.

    2. Usage: When using “abreast” in a sentence, think about conveying the idea of staying informed or keeping pace with someone or something.

    3. Example sentence: “She made sure to read the news every day to stay abreast of current events.” In this sentence, “abreast” is used to indicate the action of staying informed or up to date.

    4. Additional examples:

    • “The team members must work together to stay abreast of the competition.”
    • “He walked abreast with his friend as they discussed the project.”
    1. Punctuation: When using “abreast” in a sentence, ensure that it fits naturally and makes sense in the context. Remember to place it accordingly and punctuate the sentence correctly.

    By following these tips, beginners can effectively incorporate the word abreast into their writing to convey the intended meaning of staying informed or keeping pace with someone or something.


    In conclusion, the phrase “abreast” can be used in sentences to describe someone or something positioned side by side or in close proximity. For example, “The two friends walked abreast down the street,” shows how the friends were walking next to each other. In a business context, “Staying abreast of industry trends is crucial for success,” illustrates the importance of staying current with the latest developments.

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    Overall, using the term “abreast” in sentences helps to convey the idea of things being up to date, in line, or in coordination with each other. Whether in describing physical position or staying informed, incorporating this word into writing can effectively communicate relationships and connections between individuals or concepts.