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ABRIDGMENT in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abridgment

    sentence with Abridgment

    Have you ever come across the term “abridgment” and wondered what it means? In a nutshell, an abridgment is a shortened version of a larger work, usually created by condensing the original content while preserving its essence.

    Abridgments are commonly used to make lengthy texts more accessible to readers by presenting the most important information in a more concise format. This process helps to provide a streamlined version of the content without losing its key points.

    7 Examples Of Abridgment Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Abridgment means making something shorter.
    • An abridgment is a condensed version of a story.
    • I use an abridgment when I summarize a long book.
    • The teacher made an abridgment of the lesson for us.
    • Can you create an abridgment of this paragraph for me?
    • Reading an abridgment can help us understand a story better.
    • Let’s make an abridgment of our project presentation.

    14 Sentences with Abridgment Examples

    • The abridgment of the novel helped me save time while studying for my exams.
    • I found the abridgment of the textbook to be more concise and easier to understand.
    • Reading an abridgment of the research paper gave me a quick overview of the main points.
    • The abridgment of the play made it easier for me to analyze and compare different adaptations.
    • The professor recommended the abridgment of the academic article for a better understanding of the topic.
    • I prefer using the abridgment of the lecture notes to review the key concepts before exams.
    • The abridgment of the seminar presentation made it more engaging and informative.
    • The abridgment of the history book helped me grasp the main events and dates quickly.
    • The abridgment of the lab manual made it easier for me to follow the experiment procedures.
    • I often rely on the abridgment of the course syllabus to plan my study schedule efficiently.
    • The abridgment of the project report highlighted the key findings and recommendations.
    • The abridgment of the literature review saved me time during my research process.
    • I appreciate the abridgment of the guest lecture as it focused on the essential points.
    • The abridgment of the thesis proposal made it easier for me to provide feedback and suggestions.
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    How To Use Abridgment in Sentences?

    To use Abridgment in a sentence, start by identifying the main ideas or points of the passage you want to summarize. Next, condense these ideas into a shorter version while retaining the key information. Finally, integrate the abridged version into your sentence.

    For example, if you are summarizing a book about space exploration, the original sentence might be: “The book provides a detailed account of the history of space exploration, highlighting key milestones and groundbreaking discoveries.”

    An abridged version of this sentence could be: “The book offers a concise overview of space exploration history, focusing on important milestones and discoveries.”

    By using Abridgment to condense the original sentence, you are able to convey the essential information in a more concise manner. This can be useful when you need to summarize lengthy texts or when you want to emphasize the main points of a discussion.

    Remember, when using Abridgment in a sentence, make sure that the summary accurately captures the key ideas of the original passage. Practice summarizing different types of content to improve your skills in abridging information effectively.


    In conclusion, an abridgment is a shortened version of a written work that captures the essence of the original while condensing it for a more concise presentation. This can be seen in various examples, such as summaries, abstracts, and shortened versions of texts, where unnecessary details are omitted to focus on the core content. Abridgments serve as useful tools for providing quick overviews or for making complex information more accessible and digestible to readers with limited time or attention spans.

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    By understanding the purpose and techniques of abridgment, individuals can effectively navigate through extensive texts and extract key information efficiently. Whether used for academic studies, research, or leisure reading, the skill of creating or interpreting abridgments can help individuals grasp important concepts and ideas without getting lost in lengthy or overwhelming content.