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ABSCONDER in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Absconder

    sentence with Absconder

    Have you ever heard of the term “absconder”? An absconder refers to someone who deliberately leaves or runs away from a situation, often to avoid something like legal responsibilities or consequences.

    In a legal context, an absconder is someone who skips bail or flees to evade the law. This term is commonly used in reference to individuals who have failed to appear in court or have disappeared while on probation or parole.

    7 Examples Of Absconder Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The absconder forgot to finish his homework.
    • The teacher asked the students to find the absconder in the game.
    • The principal announced that the absconder would be caught soon.
    • The children played hide and seek with the absconder.
    • In the story, the absconder ran away from the village.
    • The absconder left behind a clue for the detectives to follow.
    • The police officer finally caught the absconder after a long chase.

    14 Sentences with Absconder Examples

    • Absconder from attending classes may face severe consequences, such as being marked absent or failing the course.
    • It is important for college students to not abscond from submitting assignments on time to avoid penalties.
    • The college administration takes strict actions against absconders who do not attend mandatory meetings or events.
    • Some students might try to abscond from group projects, but it’s crucial to communicate with teammates to fulfill responsibilities.
    • It’s not wise to abscond from exam preparation as it may result in poor grades and academic consequences.
    • Students caught absconding from campus without proper permission can face disciplinary actions by the college authorities.
    • In case of an emergency, it’s important to inform the college about the reasons for absconding so that necessary arrangements can be made.
    • Academic advisors often counsel students who have a tendency to abscond from discussions or workshops that could benefit their academic progress.
    • The college encourages students to seek help from counselors if they feel the need to abscond from classes due to personal or mental health issues.
    • Skipping lectures without valid reasons may lead to a student being labeled as an absconder by the college faculty.
    • To avoid being marked as an absconder in attendance records, it’s essential to maintain regularity in attending classes and engaging in academic activities.
    • The college provides guidance and support to students who have a history of absconding from academic responsibilities but are willing to improve.
    • It is advisable for students to inform their professors in advance if they need to abscond from a scheduled exam due to unforeseen circumstances.
    • The college authorities have implemented strict policies to track and address the issue of students being absconders from their academic commitments.
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    How To Use Absconder in Sentences?

    To Absconder means to leave hurriedly and secretly, especially to avoid detection or capture. Here’s a simple guide on how to use Absconder in a sentence for beginners:

    1. Subject: Begin your sentence with the person or thing that is leaving hurriedly and secretly. For example: The thief.

    2. Action: Use the word Absconder to describe the action of leaving. For example: The thief decided to Absconder from the scene of the crime.

    3. Reason: Add a clause that explains the reason for leaving secretly. For example: The thief decided to Absconder from the scene of the crime, fearing he would be caught by the police.

    4. Result: Conclude your sentence with the result of leaving hurriedly. For example: The thief decided to Absconder from the scene of the crime, fearing he would be caught by the police,resulting in his escape.

    By following these steps, you can construct a sentence using the word Absconder correctly. Remember to use it in the appropriate context to convey the idea of leaving hurriedly and secretly.


    In summary, absconder refers to a person who has fled or is on the run to avoid legal consequences or responsibilities. These individuals intentionally evade authorities or obligations, often making it challenging for law enforcement to locate and apprehend them. A prime example is the recent case where the convicted criminal managed to escape from prison, becoming a notorious absconder and posing a threat to public safety.

    Absconders present a risk to society by eluding accountability and justice. Their actions disrupt the legal system and cause further complications in resolving legal matters. Efforts to track down absconders are crucial to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that individuals face the consequences of their actions, thus maintaining order and safety within communities.

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