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ABSTRACTING in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Abstracting

    sentence with Abstracting

    Have you ever tried to simplify a complex concept or idea into a more concise and understandable form? That’s the essence of abstracting. Abstracting involves extracting the key elements or main points from a detailed or intricate subject, distilling it down to its core essence.

    In writing or communication, abstracting is a valuable skill that allows for clarity and brevity. By breaking down information to its fundamental components, abstracting enables a more effective conveying of ideas without unnecessary details.

    7 Examples Of Abstracting Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Abstracting means taking out important details.
    • When we draw a simple shape, we are abstracting.
    • Artists use abstracting to make their artwork unique.
    • Let’s try abstracting a flower by drawing just its petals.
    • Abstracting helps us focus on the main idea.
    • Can you show me how to do abstracting with different colors?
    • Practice abstracting by drawing a tree with just lines and circles.

    14 Sentences with Abstracting Examples

    • Abstracting key points from textbooks can help in better understanding complex topics.
    • When studying for exams, it is important to focus on abstracting the main concepts rather than memorizing every detail.
    • Abstracting information from research papers is essential for writing a literature review.
    • College students should practice abstracting information to improve their critical thinking skills.
    • Abstracting data from surveys can help in analyzing trends and patterns.
    • When writing essays, abstracting ideas from various sources can strengthen arguments.
    • Students enrolled in computer science courses often learn the importance of abstracting code for better problem-solving.
    • Abstracting theories in philosophy classes can help students grasp philosophical concepts more effectively.
    • Abstracting concepts in mathematics can lead to a deeper understanding of mathematical principles.
    • In business management courses, abstracting key strategies from case studies is crucial for learning real-world applications.
    • Abstracting historical events can aid in recognizing patterns and connections in different time periods.
    • Chemistry students often practice abstracting chemical reactions to understand the underlying principles.
    • Abstracting literary themes from novels can enhance analytical skills in English literature courses.
    • In psychology classes, abstracting psychological theories is integral to comprehending human behavior.
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    How To Use Abstracting in Sentences?

    Abstracting is a useful technique in writing that involves summarizing a larger piece of work or idea into a concise and simplified form. To use abstracting effectively in a sentence, start by identifying the main points or key ideas of the text you are summarizing. Highlight the essential information that captures the essence of the original content.

    Next, rephrase the main ideas in a clear and straightforward manner, using your own words. Avoid including unnecessary details or specific examples that are not essential to the overall message. Focus on conveying the core message or argument of the original text in a more compact form.

    When incorporating abstracting into your writing, remember to maintain the logical flow and coherence of the original content. Ensure that your summary accurately reflects the main points of the original text without distorting or misrepresenting the information.

    Practice using abstracting by summarizing different types of texts, such as articles, essays, or research papers. Challenge yourself to condense complex ideas into shorter and more digestible forms while retaining the original meaning.

    By mastering the art of abstracting, you can improve your writing skills and effectively communicate key information in a more concise and impactful way.


    In conclusion, abstracting is the process of summarizing or extracting key information from a piece of text or data. This process involves condensing complex information into simplified, more manageable forms, making it easier to understand and work with. By creating sentences with abstracting, individuals can effectively communicate the essence of a topic or document without including unnecessary details.

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    Whether for academic research, professional reports, or simply to convey information more clearly, mastering the skill of abstracting sentences can greatly enhance communication and comprehension. Through practice and attention to detail, individuals can become proficient in abstracting essential information, ensuring that their messages are concise, informative, and easy to understand.