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ACCEPTABLE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Acceptable

    sentence with Acceptable

    Have you ever wondered what makes an example sentence “acceptable”? An acceptable example sentence is one that effectively illustrates the use of a word or phrase in a clear and appropriate manner.

    These sentences are considered acceptable when they are grammatically correct, convey the intended meaning, and are free from any offensive or inappropriate content. By studying acceptable example sentences, language learners can gain a better understanding of how to use the word in context, ultimately improving their own writing and communication skills.

    7 Examples Of Acceptable Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Acceptable behavior includes listening to the teacher.
    • It is acceptable to share your toys with your friends.
    • Being kind to others is always acceptable.
    • Cleaning up after yourself is an acceptable thing to do.
    • Using polite words is acceptable at all times.
    • It is acceptable to ask for help when you need it.
    • Following the rules is acceptable in school.

    14 Sentences with Acceptable Examples

    • It is acceptable to collaborate with your classmates on group assignments.
    • An acceptable GPA is required to maintain scholarship eligibility.
    • It is acceptable to ask your professors for clarification on course material.
    • Using online resources for research papers is acceptable as long as proper citations are provided.
    • It is acceptable to attend career fairs to explore internships and job opportunities.
    • Taking breaks to prevent burnout is acceptable when studying for exams.
    • It is acceptable to seek help from counselors or mental health services for emotional support.
    • Joining student organizations is acceptable to enhance your college experience and build connections.
    • Having a part-time job while in college is acceptable to gain work experience and earn extra income.
    • It is acceptable to reach out to alumni for networking opportunities and career advice.
    • Utilizing study groups to review course material is acceptable to improve academic performance.
    • Balancing social activities with academics is acceptable for overall well-being and stress management.
    • It is acceptable to take electives outside of your major to explore different fields of interest.
    • Attending workshops and seminars to develop new skills is acceptable for personal and professional growth.
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    How To Use Acceptable in Sentences?

    Acceptable can be used in a sentence in various ways to convey approval or agreement with a certain standard or expectation. Here is a simple guide for beginners on how to use Acceptable in a sentence effectively:

    1. Positive approval: “The quality of your work is acceptable,” signifies that the work meets the required standard.

    2. Agreement with terms: “The terms of the contract are acceptable to both parties,” indicates agreement with the terms laid out.

    3. Confidence in a decision: “I believe this solution is acceptable given the circumstances,” expresses confidence in the decision made.

    4. Judgment based on criteria: “Is it acceptable to arrive 10 minutes late?” questions the suitability of an action based on specific criteria.

    5. Tolerance towards differences: “It is acceptable to have different opinions,” highlights the importance of respecting diverse viewpoints.

    6. Neutrality in a statement: “The weather conditions are acceptable for outdoor activities,” implies that the weather is suitable without expressing strong enthusiasm.

    7. Acknowledgment of limitations: “The results are acceptable, but there is room for improvement,” acknowledges the current status while pointing towards potential enhancements.

    Remember, using Acceptable in a sentence can help in clearly communicating your stance towards a situation or standard. Practice incorporating it into your conversations to become more proficient in expressing your approval or agreement effectively.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with “acceptable” highlight various contexts in which the term is used to denote something that is satisfactory, agreed upon, or within bounds. From evaluating performance in a job to determining standards in behavior, the concept of acceptability plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It indicates a level of adequacy or conformity that is deemed appropriate or suitable in different situations.

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    Understanding what makes something acceptable is essential for maintaining harmony and order in society. By adhering to commonly accepted norms and standards, we can effectively navigate social interactions and ensure mutual respect and understanding. The examples provided illustrate the importance of striving for acceptability in our actions, decisions, and behaviors to foster positive relationships and uphold a sense of overall well-being.