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ACCESSION in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Accession

    sentence with Accession

    Do you find yourself puzzled by the term “accession”? In simple terms, accession refers to the act of formally joining or becoming a member of an organization or group. It commonly implies gaining rights, privileges, or entry to something.

    In international relations, accession can also refer to the formal act of a nation signing and agreeing to comply with a treaty, agreement, or alliance. This process typically involves following specific procedures and fulfilling requirements set by the governing body.

    7 Examples Of Accession Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • India celebrated its independence and accession of new territories with great joy.
    • The king announced the accession of his son to the throne.
    • The students enjoyed learning about the accession of new books to the library.
    • The princess’s accession to the royal family was a grand event.
    • The teacher explained the meaning of accession in simple terms.
    • The museum displayed valuable artifacts from the accession of a new collection.
    • The festival marked the accession of a new tradition in our village.

    14 Sentences with Accession Examples

    1. College students in India can easily check their accession status for library books online.
    2. The process of accessioning new books into the college library catalog is crucial for students’ research needs.
    3. During exam season, students may face issues with accessioning study materials from the library due to high demand.
    4. The college’s digital repository allows for quick and efficient accession of research papers and articles.
    5. Students should be aware of the proper procedures for accessioning internships through the college’s career services department.
    6. The accession of new equipment in the science lab will enhance students’ practical learning experiences.
    7. Online platforms make accessioning scholarships and grants much more accessible for college students.
    8. Student organizations must keep detailed records of their accession of funds to ensure transparency.
    9. The accessioning of guest speakers for college events can greatly enrich students’ academic experience.
    10. Utilizing the college’s online portal, students can easily track the accession of their academic transcripts.
    11. The student council must oversee the accession of voting ballots for the upcoming elections.
    12. The college provides guidelines for proper accessioning of fieldwork data for various research projects.
    13. Student entrepreneurs can strategize the accession of startup funding through pitch competitions and accelerators.
    14. By understanding the importance of accessioning academic resources, students can better manage their study materials for exams.
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    How To Use Accession in Sentences?

    Accession is a term that is commonly used in various fields such as art, library science, and international politics. When using Accession in a sentence, it typically refers to the act of acquiring or formally accepting something new into a collection or group.

    Here is a simple guide on how to use Accession in a sentence for beginners:

    • Identify the context in which you want to use Accession. Are you talking about adding a new artwork to a museum collection, receiving a new book in a library, or accepting a new member into an organization?

    • Choose the appropriate definition of Accession based on the context. In most cases, Accession means to acquire, add, or accept something new.

    • Construct your sentence with clarity and precision. For example, “The museum’s latest accession is a rare painting by Picasso,” or “The library’s accession of the new bestseller was met with excitement.”

    • Ensure that the sentence reflects the idea of obtaining, receiving, or adding something new to a collection or group.

    • Review the sentence to make sure that Accession is used correctly and fits well within the context.

    By following these steps, beginners can effectively incorporate Accession into their writing to convey the idea of acquiring or accepting something new.


    In summary, the examples provided demonstrate how the word “accession” can be used in various contexts to refer to the act of gaining entry or acquiring something new. Whether discussing the accession of a new member to an organization, the accession of a ruler to the throne, or the accession of a piece of art to a collection, the word consistently conveys the idea of inclusion or attainment. Through these diverse sentences, we can see how “accession” is a versatile term that can describe the process of joining, inheriting, or obtaining something.

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    Overall, the examples showcase the flexibility and richness of the word “accession” in conveying the notion of entrance, growth, or acquisition. It is a word that captures the concept of gaining possession or increasing in status, making it an essential term in describing various forms of addition or advancement.