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ACCLAIM in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Acclaim

    sentence with Acclaim

    Are you looking to enhance your writing skills and impress your readers with captivating sentences? Let’s delve into the world of exemplary writing with the use of “acclaim.” To acclaim is to praise or applaud with enthusiasm, recognizing the excellence and merit of something.

    When you craft a sentence with acclaim, you are showcasing your ability to recognize and honor the achievements, qualities, or brilliance of a person, work, or idea. By using this word effectively in your writing, you can convey admiration and approval, adding depth and sophistication to your compositions.

    7 Examples Of Acclaim Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Acclaim means to praise or admire someone.
    • Artists receive acclaim when their work is loved by many people.
    • When a singer gives a great performance, they often receive acclaim.
    • Winning a trophy is a way to show acclaim for doing something well.
    • Parents give their children acclaim for trying their best.
    • Athletes who break records often get a lot of acclaim.
    • Teachers give students acclaim for their hard work and good behavior.

    14 Sentences with Acclaim Examples

    1. The student’s research paper received acclaim from the faculty for its innovative approach.
    2. The college’s music club gained acclaim for their impressive performance at the intercollegiate competition.
    3. The guest lecture by the renowned author was met with acclaim by the students for its insightful content.
    4. The college’s sports team achieved acclaim by winning the state championship after years of hard work.
    5. The student council’s initiative to promote mental health awareness received acclaim from both students and faculty.
    6. The college magazine garnered acclaim for its thought-provoking articles and stunning design.
    7. The theater club’s production of Shakespeare’s play was met with acclaim for its exceptional acting and direction.
    8. The alumni’s successful careers in various fields have brought acclaim to the college, making it a prestigious institution.
    9. The college’s environmental club’s efforts to promote sustainability have received acclaim from local organizations and policymakers.
    10. The student’s photography project earned acclaim for capturing the essence of campus life in a unique way.
    11. The college’s debate team’s victory in the national championship was met with acclaim from their peers and professors.
    12. The entrepreneurship club’s startup idea received acclaim from industry experts at a prestigious competition.
    13. The college’s cultural festival was a huge success, drawing acclaim from students across the country for its vibrant performances.
    14. The student’s volunteer work in the community has brought acclaim to the college for its commitment to social responsibility.
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    How To Use Acclaim in Sentences?

    Acclaim is a versatile term that can be used in various contexts in a sentence. When acclaim is used as a verb, it means to praise or applaud someone or something enthusiastically.

    To use acclaim in a sentence, you can say, “The new movie received critical acclaim from both audiences and critics alike.” In this sentence, acclaim is highlighting the positive praise the movie received.

    Another way to use acclaim is as a noun, referring to praise or recognition given to someone or something. For example, “The author’s latest book has received international acclaim for its engaging storytelling.”

    You can also use acclaim in a sentence to describe an action, such as “She was acclaimed for her outstanding performance in the school play.”

    Remember that acclaim is a positive term, so it is usually used in contexts where someone or something is being recognized or praised for their achievements. Using acclaim in your writing can help emphasize the positive reception or recognition a person or work has received.

    By incorporating acclaim into your vocabulary and understanding its various uses, you can effectively convey praise and recognition in your writing.


    In conclusion, sentences with acclaim are those that receive praise, recognition, or positive feedback for their quality, significance, or impact. These sentences are often celebrated for their eloquence, wisdom, creativity, or ability to resonate with readers. When a sentence is met with acclaim, it is lauded for its effectiveness in conveying ideas, emotions, or messages effectively to its audience.

    Whether in literature, public speaking, or everyday communication, sentences with acclaim stand out for their power to inspire, provoke thought, or capture the essence of a moment. Writing and speaking with the intention to earn acclaim can lead to impactful communication that leaves a lasting impression on those who encounter it.

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