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ADMIRE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Admire

    sentence with Admire

    Have you ever found yourself looking up to someone in admiration? Admire means to regard someone with respect, approval, or warm approval for their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

    Admiration can stem from various sources, such as a person’s talents, character, or actions. It reflects a positive perception of someone and can often inspire feelings of respect and appreciation towards them.

    7 Examples Of Admire Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I admire my teacher for being smart.
    • I admire my parents for taking care of me.
    • I admire my friend for being kind.
    • I admire the beautiful flowers in the garden.
    • I admire the colorful butterflies flying around.
    • I admire the tall trees in the forest.
    • I admire the stars twinkling in the sky at night.
    Examples Of Admire Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Admire Examples

    • Admire the hard work and dedication of your classmates who are balancing academics and part-time jobs.
    • Join a student club or organization that focuses on a cause you admire.
    • Attend a guest lecture by a renowned professor in a field you admire.
    • Take the time to admire the beautiful campus architecture between classes.
    • Connect with alumni who have achieved success in fields you admire.
    • Participate in a debate competition where you can showcase your skills and admire those of your peers.
    • Visit the library to admire the vast collection of books and resources available to you.
    • Volunteer for a cause you admire and make a positive impact in the community.
    • Enroll in a class that allows you to learn about a culture you admire.
    • Attend a cultural event on campus that celebrates traditions you admire.
    • Read research papers by professors whose work you admire.
    • Take the time to admire the achievements of your fellow classmates in sports and extracurricular activities.
    • Participate in a workshop that focuses on a skill you admire in others.
    • Follow social media accounts of successful professionals in fields you admire for inspiration.
    Sentences with Admire Examples

    How To Use Admire in Sentences?

    To properly use “Admire” in a sentence, start by identifying the person or thing you admire. Then, construct a sentence that expresses your admiration for that individual or object. Remember that “Admire” is a verb, so it must be followed by the name of the person or thing you admire, along with the reason or quality that you admire about them.

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    Here is an example to help you understand how to use Admire in a sentence:

    I admire my grandmother for her strength and resilience.”

    In this sentence, “I admire” is the action verb that shows appreciation towards the grandmother. The reason for the admiration is mentioned after the verb, which is her strength and resilience.

    When using Admire in a sentence, make sure to consider the following tips:
    1. Be sincere in expressing your admiration.
    2. Clearly state the person or thing you admire.
    3. Explain the reason or quality that you admire.
    4. Use proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

    Practice constructing various sentences with Admire to improve your understanding and fluency in using this word correctly.

    How To Use Admire in Sentences


    In summary, the examples of sentences featuring the keyword “admire” showcase various contexts in which people express their admiration for someone or something. From admiring a friend’s talent to expressing admiration for a historical figure, the word “admire” is used to convey respect, appreciation, and inspiration. Whether it’s admiring a mentor’s wisdom, a parent’s strength, or an artist’s creativity, the sentiment of admiration is a powerful and universal aspect of human relationships and interactions.

    Ultimately, the word “admire” captures the essence of looking up to someone or something with deep respect and appreciation. It highlights the positive impact that role models, leaders, and loved ones can have on our lives, inspiring us to strive for greatness, learn from their qualities, and cultivate a sense of admiration for the excellence we seek to embody.