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AMONG in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Among

    sentence with Among

    Have you ever wondered how to properly use the word “among” in a sentence? “Among” is a preposition that is used to show a relation of belonging or distribution when three or more items are involved.

    When using “among,” it is important to remember that it is typically followed by a plural noun or pronoun. This indicates that something is being distributed or shared within a group of items or people. So next time you are writing or speaking and want to convey that something is amidst a group, remember to use “among” correctly for clear and proper communication.

    7 Examples Of Among Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Among the fruits, I like mango the best.
    • My toy car is among my favorite toys.
    • The red crayon is among the colors in the box.
    • Among the animals, the tiger is the strongest.
    • The green apple is among the fruits on the table.
    • Among the shapes, the circle is round.
    • I have many friends, and you are among them.
    Examples Of Among Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Among Examples

    • Among the various study materials available, textbooks are considered the most reliable source of information.
    • It is important to strike a balance among academics, extracurricular activities, and personal well-being.
    • Group discussions can help in enhancing communication skills among college students.
    • The library is a popular hangout spot among students looking for a quiet place to study.
    • Time management is a key skill that can make a significant difference among college students.
    • Participating in college fests is a great way to showcase talent among peers.
    • Collaborating among classmates can lead to better understanding of complex topics.
    • Peer pressure is a common issue among college students trying to fit in.
    • Sports competitions can foster a sense of camaraderie among students from different departments.
    • Among the various career options, internships provide valuable real-world experience.
    • Performing well in exams is a common goal among college students striving for academic success.
    • Choosing the right specialization can be a challenging decision among students pursuing higher studies.
    • Organizing study groups can be an effective way to share knowledge among peers.
    • Time spent in the canteen is often a cherished memory among college friends.
    Sentences with Among Examples

    How To Use Among in Sentences?

    Among is used to show a relationship or position within a group or a set of things. When using Among in a sentence, here are some tips to keep in mind:

    1. Identify the group: Begin by identifying the group of things you are referring to. For example, “Among the various fruits in the basket…”
    2. Introduce the subject: After identifying the group, introduce the subject you are discussing. For instance, “Among the various fruits in the basket, the banana is the most popular.”
    3. Use commas: When using Among at the beginning of a sentence, it is common to use a comma after it. For example, “Among all the students, John was the only one who passed the exam.”
    4. Follow with a noun: Make sure to follow Among with the noun representing the group. For instance, “Among the flowers in the garden, the roses are the most fragrant.”
    5. Avoid confusion with between: Remember that Among is used when dealing with a group of three or more items. If you are referring to a choice between two items, use “Between.”
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    By following these tips, you can effectively use Among in a sentence to indicate a relationship or comparison within a group. Continuing to practice using Among will help you become more comfortable incorporating it into your writing.

    How To Use Among in Sentences


    In summary, the usage of the keyword “among” in sentences serves to indicate inclusion or association within a group or category. The word helps to highlight relationships, preferences, or distinctions within a specified context. For instance, “Among the various options available, she chose the red dress” implies a comparison or selection process where the red dress was chosen from a set of choices. This usage effectively conveys the idea of differentiation or selection based on a specific criterion.

    Furthermore, the word “among” can also signify a sense of dispersion or distribution within a group. For example, “Among the students, only a few had completed the assignment” indicates that within the group of students, only a small subset had finished the task. This use demonstrates how “among” can emphasize differences or distinctions between elements in a larger set, contributing to the clarity and precision of communication.