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BANK in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Bank

    sentence with Bank

    Have you ever wondered how to effectively use the word “bank” in a sentence? “Bank” can refer to financial institutions where people deposit and withdraw money or to the side of a river. When using “bank” in a sentence, always consider the context to ensure clarity.

    It’s important to understand the meaning of “bank” in your sentence before including it. Whether you’re discussing financial matters or describing the landscape by a river, the word “bank” can add depth and detail to your writing. Let’s explore the various ways you can incorporate “bank” into your sentences with confidence and precision.

    7 Examples Of Bank Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Yesterday, we went to the bank to deposit money.
    • My piggy bank is full of shiny coins.
    • The bank is where we keep our money safe.
    • Let’s pretend to be bank tellers and count money.
    • Mom and Dad go to the bank every month to pay bills.
    • I can see the bank building from our car.
    • The bank gives us money when we need it.
    Examples Of Bank Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Bank Examples

    1. Bank holidays are a great time to catch up on studying and assignments.
    2. I need to visit the bank today to deposit some money in my account.
    3. The campus bank offers great student deals and discounts on banking services.
    4. I always carry my student ID to avail of discounts at the bank branches.
    5. I have a part-time job at the local bank near campus to gain work experience.
    6. I need to apply for a student loan at the bank to fund my education.
    7. The bank ATM on campus always has a long line during peak hours.
    8. Students can open a savings account with zero balance at this bank.
    9. The financial literacy workshop at the bank helped me understand managing money better.
    10. I lost my debit card and had to block it immediately by calling the bank helpline.
    11. The bank locker facility is essential for storing important documents and valuables.
    12. I use mobile banking apps to transfer money conveniently without visiting the bank.
    13. The bank statement shows all the transactions made from my account.
    14. I always carry some cash in hand in case the bank ATMs are out of service.
    Sentences with Bank Examples

    How To Use Bank in Sentences?

    Bank can be used in a sentence in a variety of ways. Here’s a guide on how to use it correctly:

    1. Noun: When bank is used as a noun, it refers to a financial institution where people deposit and withdraw money. Example sentence: “I need to go to the bank to deposit my paycheck.”
    2. Verb: As a verb, bank can mean to place trust, confidence, or reliance on something. Example sentence: “I bank on my best friend to always be there for me.”
    3. Adjective: When used as an adjective, bank means inclined or tilted to one side. Example sentence: “The sailboat leaned to the left, causing it to be banked at an angle.”
    4. Phrase: “Bank on”: This phrase means to depend on or trust in something happening. Example sentence: “You can bank on Sarah to arrive on time for the meeting.”
    5. Idiom: “Breaking the bank”: This idiom means spending or losing all of one’s money. Example sentence: “I can’t afford to go shopping and risk breaking the bank.”
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    By understanding the different ways bank can be used in a sentence, you can communicate more effectively and accurately in both spoken and written English.

    How To Use Bank in Sentences


    In conclusion, sentences with the keyword “bank” can encompass a wide range of contexts and meanings. They may refer to financial institutions where deposits and withdrawals are made, such as “I need to go to the bank to deposit my paycheck.” Alternatively, the term can also relate to the edge of a river or an institution where information or resources are stored, as in “The campsite is located near the river bank.” The versatility of the word “bank” allows it to be used in various scenarios, depending on the context and intended message.

    Whether discussing financial matters or geographical features, the keyword “bank” proves to be a versatile term that can convey different meanings in diverse contexts. Understanding these different uses of the word enhances communication clarity and ensures that sentences with “bank” are interpreted accurately in conversations or written communication.